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Potential Coup d’etat Concerns in Ethiopia: Addressing the Prime Minister’s Trust Issues and Ethnic Struggles

The PM warned the coup won’t succeed during parliamentary address

By Tilapia Baye

The Prime Minister has been discussing the possibility of a coup d’etat in Ethiopia due to his lack of trust in the security apparatus. And, only a small circle of trusted individuals is handling security matters, especially regarding his own safety. He has even mentioned during the recent parliamentary address that a coup could occur, but it would not succeed. However, his remarks have raised concerns and skepticism among the Ethiopian population. አልበላሽምን ምን አመጣው አለች አህያ!

There are ongoing armed struggles to overthrow the government in the northern regions as well as within his home region of Oromia. The hardline factions within the Oromo Liberation Front and other Oromo elites are actively challenging the government’s authority and control over resources.

The most likely scenario for a coup would stem from within Oromia, where hardline individuals seeking an independent Oromo republic could conduct a coup to remove the Prime Minister from power and consolidate their control over resources and influence within the country. While the Prime Minister believes his government is powerful and in control, that is not why the coup cannot succeed. The potential coup’s success is unlikely due to the opposition from other regions in Ethiopia who would resist the rise of even more ethnic hardliners into positions of power.

To prevent a coup and address the growing unrest and demands for justice, equality, and property rights within the country, the Prime Minister may need to consider establishing a transitional government with a clear roadmap towards addressing these issues in alignment with the demands of various groups, including the Fano forces advocating for freedom and equality in Ethiopia.

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  1. The PM is right this time. A coup d’etat will not happen. Ethiopia has some of the best internal intelligence offices and Abie was the head of it. He can find anyone if he puts the resources in.
    Having said that, I must admit that the other reason is that a coup d’etat by definition is done by a small, hidden military force by using the element of surprise with lightning speed to catch critical post and forcefully remove the government. He doesn’t have to fear this cause he has 2 clear adversaries without any hidden agenta that openly claim a desire to change the existing government. OLA and Fanno are not hidding at all and their popularity clearly shows that this government is about to loose legitimacy in all of Ethiopia. So no surprises here, just the eminent downfall of PP….

  2. I want to warn this young prime minister with this. You see that cup of tea or coffee you are about to have? Look out! A coup is gonna pop out of the bottom of the cup!!! A coup is gonna jump out of everything around you! If I were you, I would go to sleep with one eye wide open. Watch out young man! A coup is standing just inches away behind you. Coup is lurking every where up close and personal. Even Speedy Gonzalez is conspiring a coup on you with Hermit The Frog and Duffy Duck. Look out! Look out!!!

    • Failed, tasteless humor once again! That’s where you resort to when you got no arguments whatsoever to support your statements.
      Open a dictionary and read the definition of a coup d’etat or just read my response before you write nonsense in a pathetic attempt to sound witty and sharp and failing at it. I truly wonder how it makes you feel deep inside?


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