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Kemise, Ethiopia : Oromo zone administration head reportedly assassinated

Ahmed Ali _ Kemise _ Ethiopia
The late Ahmed Ali (Photo : PD)


Toronto – Ahmed Ali, head of Oromo Zone administration, is reportedly killed in Kemise – Amhara regional government announced on Friday. 

” Our hard working brother honorable Ato Ahmed Ali head of the Oromo zone administration in the Amhara region, who was relentlessly working day and night to change the lives of our people and ensure that peace prevails is shot by bullet fired from anti-peace and anti-unity extremist forces as he was returning from  Mosque in Kemise town where he went for Friday Jumaa Salat Prayer , and became martyr at the age of 39,” reads the brief statement Amhara regional state shared on its social media page. 

There was no indication if there was any investigation into the killing. 

The statement is unspecified as to who the extremist force is. Apparently, it was making a reference to Fano forces.  However, Fano has not claimed responsibility for the assassination at this writing. 

There had been reports in the past that the radical ethnic Oromo nationalist group – Oromo Liberation Army – operates in the area. 

The Federal Government Minister for Communication Services  has remarked about the incident.  BBC Amharic quoted Legesse Tulu, the Minister, as saying ” it is a price paid for truth and peace. My brother may your soul rest in heaven.” 

The Amhara regional council has expressed condolences to the family of the late Ahmed Ali. 

There had been similar assassination of government officials in the parts of Ethiopia where the group that calls itself Oromo Liberation Army has been operating. 


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  1. May this countryman who is murdered by so called ‘liberation group’ rest in eternal peace. The barbaric act was said to have been carried out by hoodlums roaming around the Oromia region to make it look it was done by Amhara group. But that should no be what it matters. What matters is, it is a savage act just those terrorists in Somalia, West Africa, The Sahel Region and the Middle East.

    My family’s prayer and hearts go out to the loved ones of this martyr.


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