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Another senior military general reportedly joined Fano forces 

Brigadier General Tezera Negussie
Brigadier General Tezera Negussie (Photo : SM)


Toronto – Earlier this week, General Tefera Mamo, who was the commander of Amhara region special forces, joined the Fano forces after years under surveillance from Abiy Ahmed’s government. 

On Friday, another military general, Brigadier General Tezera Negussie, reportedly took the Tefera Mamo path ; joined the Fano forces in the Amhara region of Ethiopia. 

According to local news sources, the general has joined the fano forces in Gondar. Tezera Negussie has served as a commander of the Amhara region special forces. 

Fano forces in Gondar and the General are expected to release brief updates. 

Although Abiy Ahmed’s government mobilized massive forces with the stated objective to disarm Fano Forces in the Amhara region within two weeks, it proved mission impossible. The Fano forces are more armed and larger in number than they were when the state of emergency was declared in August 2023. 

Yesterday, PM Abiy gave a rather despising remark about Fano’s military stature. “When they get three Klash [Ak 47], they dream of Arat Kilo [the palace].” 

Observers following the Fano forces resistance to Abiy Ahmed’s government think that the two generals who joined the Fano forces could make a significant difference. 


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  1. And this PM when he gets 3 Turkish drones dreams of the throne to sit his royal bottom
    I see no difference at all….


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