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To Reclaim Our Forefathers’ Ethiopia, We Shall Choose ARETE over KAKIA!

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By Belayneh Abate

Virtue is among many of our indispensable national treasures that the immature rulers have been destroying for the last 33 years. Without exaggeration, we can claim that Ethiopia was one of the very few countries where society has been practicing virtue from cradle to grave. Since the children of traitors took the palace, they have been disrupting this five- thousand years old virtue and replacing it with vice. 

It has been our forefathers’ tradition to teach their children about virtue through religious teachings and cultural tales. Virtue and Vice have also been parts of the Greek mythologies.  

In ancient Greece, there was a person called Hercules who was the son of the king of gods. When Hercules was passing from boyhood to youth estate, he started to contemplate his future life path.  During his continuous contemplation, he was confronted with two goddesses. One of these goddesses was a very glamorous and artificially made beautiful woman and the other one was plain dressed and humble and naturally beautiful woman. 

One day, the glamorous woman dressed up with all the make ups and approached Hercules. Looking at him with a seductive gaze, she said to him, “Hercules, I see that you are confused about which path to take towards your future life. I urge you to make me your friend! If you follow me, I guarantee you that I will show you the shortest and easiest way to success and happiness. I will make sure that your tongue will always taste sweet, your eyes always see delight, your nose always smells perfumes, and your ears always hear pleasant voices. If your enemies envy you and open wars against you, I will show you miracles to defeat them instantly. After listing the glamorous woman attentively, Hercules asked “what is your name lady?”. The woman answered, “my friends call me Happiness, but those who hate me call me KAKIA. 

On another day, Hercules talked to the humble and naturally beautiful woman, and she said to him that she could be his friend but the path with her will not be easy. She stressed that living with her will require hard work and it will take a very long time to arrive at success and happiness. She emphasized that he could face many hardships perhaps more than any other man ever existed had experienced. She warned him that he may experience great loss and he could be subjected to unimaginable suffering. After listing her with passion, he asked her who her name was, and she answered her name is ARETE. 

After deep contemplation and prayer, Hercules chose ARETE over KAKIA.  Soon after, he was tasted by Apollo, one of the Greek gods as she warned him. For example, he was ordered to kill a lion and a poisonous snake which were terrorizing society, and he did kill them successfully.

 The interpretation of the ARETE and KAKIA allegory is that Hercules achieved this success not because of his physical strength, but because he chose and followed the path with ARETE. 

The same can be said about the success of our forefathers. They were successful in defending their freedom and the sovereignty of their nations for five thousand years, not because they had superior physical strength, air defense or mechanized brigade, but because they walked the path with ARETE. Since they follow the path of ARETE, their courage, determination, perseverance, and loyalty to their fellow fighters and nation was unwavering and unbreakable.  Their path with ARETE helped them to stick with their cardinal axiom of give me liberty or death. 

It appears most of the patriots who are currently fighting to reclaim their forefathers’ Ethiopia are walking the path with ARETE. While others hang dead bodies upside down like a slaughtered lamb and drag the burnt dead bodies on sandy streets, the FANO patriots have been treating their captives like tourists.  In combat history, it is only Fanos who pay pocket money for the guns they took from their captives (who came to massacre their families) while they have the absolute right to take them for free. It is only in the neighborhood of Fanos where captives enjoy family like accommodations and wedding style feasts.  It is only FANOS who provide dependable guidance and guards to their captives so that they can arrive safely to their homes and families. 

It is not just a mythology but a reality that following the path of ARETE will lead to ultimate and long-lasting success. ARETE which has been a guiding life principle of our forefathers includes practical wisdom, courage, perseverance, and justice. However, there will be sufferings, pain, and losses like that of Hercules and our forefathers while walking the path of ARETE for the ultimate success. During this journey, followers of KAKIA may continue choosing displacing, torturing, burning, mutilating, and massacring innocents including women and children to achieve a shortcut temporary success and blood-stained happiness.  However, we shall disdain the path of KAKIA and follow the path of ARETE to reclaim our forefather’s Ethiopia.

Thank you.

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  1. This article fabricated by Belayneh Abate, famous writer of zehabeshadotcom looks fictious written at starbucks of Finfinnee

  2. As a Greek I thank you for using one of our ancient myths as sem-ena-work for your article! I am hugely flattered:)
    If I may add the literal meaning of these two words in modern Greek is:
    Αρετή: morality, virtue, know what is good and what bad but choose to do good.
    Κακία: malice, desire to harm, bitterness, evil intent.
    Let’s live our lives with αρετή, after all it is the same path Kristos thought us.


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