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The Amhara Political Question: Advocating for Equality and Meritocracy in Ethiopia

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By: Alem Taye

The tri-butchers of the Amhara community  

The past five decades have been tumultuous for the Amhara community and urban Amharic speakers in Ethiopia. The political arena has been largely controlled by low-ranking military officials during the Derg regime and, subsequently, by uneducated, rude and narrow ethno-nationalists. Their disdain for civil society and intellectuals is a common trait. Additionally, their fixation on acquiring educational certificates from dubious institutions underscores a deep-seated inferiority complex.

Educated individuals in Ethiopia have often been unfairly associated with being Amhara or Amharized, making them targets for abuse by the lower-ranking military officials in power during the Derg regime and facing even harsher treatment under the TPLF-led EPRDF government. Since 2018, the current administration has exhibited a worrying decline, marked by brutish behavior, a lack of basic civility, and an inferiority complex. The leader deceptively claims to hold a Ph.D., despite lacking even elementary education.

Consequently, the Amhara community has been persistently singled out by lower-class elites who propagate the idea that Amhara dominance would ensue if they were to lose power to enemy i.e. to Amharas. The ruling party’s staggering membership of 14 million comprises primarily uneducated, self-indulgent, and myopic individuals.

In light of this, the Fano movement, advocating for equality, freedom, and property rights through meritocracy, must articulate its vision for change. Crafting a clear and inclusive manifesto is crucial in garnering support nationwide. This manifesto should clearly outline their stance on equality, liberty, fair resource distribution, and equal opportunities. By articulating their core values, principles, and national vision, the Fano movement can win the trust and support of the Ethiopian populace as a whole.

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