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Correction : General Tefera Mamo’s spouse – Menen Haile – not arrested

Editor’s note : This news content was updated after credible local news sources confirmed that Menen Haile is not arrested at the time of this writing

Menen Haile _ Tefera
Menen Haile (Photo : SM/File)

Updated on July 3, 2024 at 7:31 P.M. Toronto Time

Toronto – A day after confirmed news was heard that General Tefera Mamo’s joined Fano Forces , there were reports, on Tuesday, that his spouse Menen Haile is arrested.

However, Ethio News – a credible local Ethiopian news sources – on Wednesday reported that it has confirmed Menen is not arrested at this writing.

On Sunday this week, Menen wrote a social media update saying that her husband did not return home from church and that he left his phone at home.

There was speculation if government forces abducted and arrested Tefera. In June 2022, he was abducted in Addis Ababa and arrested for weeks. 

She was arrested after Abiy Ahmed’s government declared a state of emergency in the Amhara region and was released after five months in prison. 

Tefera Mamo, who is an experienced military professional spanning over 40 years, has served in the Ethiopian Defense Force. He was arrested, along with the late General Asamenew Tsige, over an alleged coup attempt on the late Meles Zenawi’s government. After he was released from prison, he served in the Amhara region in different capacities including as Commander of Special Forces in the region. 

Tefera’s joining of Fano is said to have a military and political significance to the Fano Movement. The military operation in the Amhara region of Ethiopia which was introduced by Abiy Ahmed’s government with a stated objective of “disarming fano” within a few weeks is still going on after almost a year. 


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  1. Leave this lady alone. Okay her husband has reportedly joined the armed opposition. So what! She is staying at home tending to her family. Guilty by association did not work for the merciless demonic Mengistu and those that followed him. Leave her alone!!!!

  2. But such reports of arrest that never took please exposes the fallacies of reporting news that is becoming more common. The emotions along ethnic lines are so high now that even the most seasoned and respected reporters have fallen victims of such mishaps. It makes you wonder how many unsubstantiated news such as this one are out there. It also seems that even capable editors are not safe from falling victims of the evil schemes/machinations of bigots and connivers. This is a bitter lesson all esteemed editors and reporters should take to heart. We now live in the era of the AI technology, it behooves us to be even more cautious/vigilant.

    Peace y’all!!!


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