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Fano explains why it rejects “peace committee”


Toronto – Last week, the government organized a two-day long “peace conference” following a series of similar public engagements in several cities that were mostly led by Defense Commanders.

At the Bahir Dar event, which was also attended by the Defense Chief of Staff, Field Marshal Berhanu Jula, it was announced that a 15 members “peace committee” was formed to facilitate talks between the Defense Force ( government) and Fano Forces.

Fano is rejecting the committee and is threatening that the facilitators will pay a serious price ( in life) if they are making any moves in pursuit of “facilitation.” Fano sees the committee as a political tool formed to serve the ruling government.

In an interview with Ethiopian Media Services, Fano Marshet Tsehaye, spokesperson of the Fano forces operating in the Gojjam zones of Amhara region where there is a huge force, said “we do not accept the call [for peace negotiation] 100 percent. We know and they know that we do not accept.”

Addressing the question why fano is not accepting it, he said that “the committee members named as facilitators are ‘beaden’ [ANDM] members.” The group he referred to is a political movement that was believed to be formed by the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) soon after the TPLF forces consolidated power in the central government. Fano forces accuse that same group is now serving what they call Abiy Ahmed led Oromumma political forces.

Fano forces from other parts of the Amhara region do not seem to see the committee in a positive light either as – among other reasons – they do not trust  the government. In fact, as Defense Force commanders were engaging the public in different cities in the Amhara region of Ethiopia, a considerably large number of new troops are still being deployed to the region.

For the latest update on the state of the war between Fano and government forces and for Fano’s remark on the peace conference, take a listen to the audio below. Share your remarks in the comment section.

Video : embedded from Ethiopian Media Services YouTube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from the video

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