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Enhancing Fano’s Strategy for Government Change and the Future of Ethiopia

Fano Ethiopia
Fano forces say they are in armed resistance to reverse existential threat of the Amhara pople. (Photo : From the Web/Author)

By Biyabir Ashenafi

Ethiopia is in dire need of transformative change in its governmental structure. The absence of a responsible government for the past 50 years has left the country grappling with numerous challenges. The student revolution, centered on ‘land to the tiller’ governance, triggered widespread chaos, undermining the economic potential of land and enabling dictatorial and irresponsible governance to take root.

Under the Derg regime, private property was systematically destroyed and expropriated, leading to significant loss for individuals and foreign entities alike. While the Derg regime purported to champion national equality, it eventually lost power to TPLF and reinforced Tigray elite dominance, exacerbating divisions within Ethiopian society. Over the decades, the Amhara and Amharic-speaking populations have been unfairly targeted as proponents of feudalism and exploitation, with Amhara peasants enduring ethnic cleansing campaigns, especially under the TPLF’s genocidal ethnic federalism. The current situation has escalated further, with Oromo elites now perpetrating violence against the Amhara community, exacerbating regional tensions and fueling ethnic cleansing activities.

In response to these challenges, Fano has recently engaged in armed resistance to halt the genocide against the Amhara people, reclaim their freedom, and steer Ethiopia towards a future founded on equality and justice. Fano’s mission transcends the interests of the Amhara community; it serves as a beacon for all Ethiopians in their collective pursuit of equality, liberty, and economic prosperity. Addressing the pervasive corruption and elite control of resources that have plagued the country for the past five decades is paramount to fostering genuine progress and sustainable development in Ethiopia’s future.

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