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Fighting in the Amhara region continues, gov’t forces increasingly targeting civilians 

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Toronto – Fighting between Fano and government forces this week continued in many parts of the Amhara region of Ethiopia.  In Gojam, the fighting was intense in Bure and Finote Selam towns. In those towns, Fano forces launched an offensive on Monday morning targeting Defense and Anti-riot forces camps. 

A source told Anchor Media that Fano forces inflicted heavy casualties in both towns and the fighting went on for several hours until it was stopped by heavy rain.  The number of casualties is unspecified. 

Government communication services have not remarked on it. 

On the other hand, the Defense Force said that it is “annihilating extremist forces in East Gojjam.” 

The movement of vehicles in Gojjam was halted for several days as Fano Forces imposed restrictions in an apparent move to hinder the movement of logistics and government forces. The restriction was lifted on Monday morning around 11 a.m in the morning. 


Ethio News, a local news provider, on Tuesday reported that there were a series of ambush attacks in several places in the central Gondar area of the Amhara region. In West Belesa, Abraham Gedel and three other locations in the area. 

The ambush attacks were carried out at the same time and it is said to have caused severe causality on the part of government forces. At least 15 are said to be killed. 

In another ambush attack, a military convoy heading from Este Mekane Eyesus to Debre Tabor, South Gondar,  was attacked by Fano forces operating in the area. At least five killed and several others wounded.


There had been intense fighting in Shoa since last week. Although no battle was reported this week, Fano forces claimed a major victory from the operations against government forces last week. 

Government deploying more forces to the region 

Although the government is making calls for “peace” in the region, there are credible reports that it is deploying more forces in the region as the defense force and anti-riot continues to suffer losses. 

When the extended state of emergency ended, the government started to work on plans to clear the entire Amhara region  from Fano forces by the end of May this year. As it turns out, the effort ended up in fiasco. However, the pressure on the civilian population is immense. 

Government forces increasingly targeting Civilians in Vengeance 

As government forces continue to suffer losses from Fano military operation, it is increasingly resorting to killing civilians on alleged grounds that “they are supporting Fano.” 

According to Marshet Tsehahyu, Gojjam Fano Spokesperson, the defense force has killed civilians in many towns in Gojjam in vengeance after it suffered battle losses. 

There had been recurring extrajudicial killings in the region that were reported by human rights organizations in the country and abroad. 


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  1. The biggest indicator of a fool is to continue doing the same thing and expecting different results!! It takes a special kind of fool not to understand this, a fool who suffers from delusions of grandeur and inferiority complexes. The killing of civilians has never and will never make any proud people (the Ahmara people especially) give in to fear, lay down their weapons, stop resisting, give up. It will never happen and it’s stupifing that these “generals” seem to forget!! What it does is cementing the ties between Fano and the civilians, sends more farmer kids in Fanno lines and will eventually be the downfall of this regime.
    So by all means, go on targeting civilians, as a very good friend put it, we don’t care we have many young people to sacrifice for our freedom!!


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