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Decades of Ethnonationalist groups suppressing the Amhara community are sparking a backlash

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By : Biyabir Ashenafi

The TPLF and OLF elites, in the name of the Tigrean and Oromo people, have unleashed a wave of hatred against the Amhara, systematically marginalizing and excluding them from state affairs and positions of influence. Initially, they created an Oromo region encompassing over one-third of Ethiopia’s total area, relegating the Amhara-speaking people to the sidelines. 

The TPLF carried out this act with complete disregard for Oromo elites, assuming they would remain junior partners to the Tigray region, which only comprises 6% of Ethiopia. The Oromo elites were intended to be subservient, as the TPLF viewed them as less assertive and politically docile, posing no threat to Tigray’s dominance established in 1991. 

However, in 2017, the Oromo elites deftly garnered support from Amhara youth, overthrowing the TPLF-led EPRDF and seizing power for themselves. Shockingly, the Oromo elites emerged as even fiercer adversaries to the Amhara and Amhara-speaking populace than the TPLF. As a result, the Amhara community is now confronting genocide and ethnic cleansing in the crucial region of Oromia, facing military assaults, including drone strikes, in their own territories. 

A silver lining in this turmoil is the emergence of the Fano patriots, with Amhara resistance fighters arming themselves and engaging in battles that have significantly weakened the government. The rise of the Amhara for equality and justice symbolizes a new era in Ethiopia. Their non-ethnic-centric identity, strong ties to the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, and pride in the nation’s history may prove to be a game-changer in this tumultuous landscape.

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  1. Wishful thinking of the remote thicky!
    Unless there is a seasoned political leadership that embraces the rest of Ethiopia’s populace, it’ll remain to be ‘roaring’!!!


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