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Ethiopia’s Electoral Board Questions Parties’ Female and Disabled Member Numbers

Ethiopia Electoral Board
The Electoral Board wants 10 political parties, including one, to provide evidence on the number of female and disabled members of their respective parties


Toronto – The National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) is questioning the authenticity of some political party’s claims – including the ruling Prosperity Party – of the number of female and disabled members. 

From the statement the Board released on Thursday, the number of females and disabled in a political party is one of the key factors that it considers upon distributing budgetary support. 

It is said the number that 21 political parties  submitted to the Board  this year is exaggerated compared to the one from the previous two years. 

The Electoral Board noted in its latest public statement that  parties were asked to provide full information about their members until April 3, 2024 ( Megabit 25, 2016 E.C.) but only 10 political parties (unspecified ) managed to provide the Board with evidence.

The remaining eleven parties have submitted between 10,000 and 900,000 female and disabled members without providing evidence that the Board requested. 

NEBE said they had not provided it by June 27 and that it found it necessary to release a statement.  It asked that the required evidence regarding female and disabled members be provided within ten days from the day the statement was released.  Ten parties are listed in the statement :

  • Ethiopian Democratic Unity
  • Ethiopian Social Democratic Party
  • National Movement of Amhara
  • Ogaden National Liberation Front
  • Prosperity Party
  • Raya Rayuma Democratic Party
  • Wolaita National Movement
  • Gambella National Democratic Movement
  • Arena Tigray For Democracy and Sovereignty
  • Mocha Democratic Party
  • Ethiopian National Unity Party

It is unclear, at this writing, if any of the above parties  responded to the National Electoral Board call. 

In one of his recent public appearances, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed made claims that his party has over 14 million members across the country – something that triggered skepticism given the party has lost credibility and legitimacy in view of the ongoing wars in two regions and other incompetencies.  It has been criticized by activists and politicians over the use of government resources – including media outlets –  for its party activity.

In a related development, the NEBE last Sunday conducted an election in areas where the 6th general election did not take place due to security and other reasons. There was election in Benishangul Gumuz, Afar, Somali and Central Ethiopia regions. 


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  1. What exactly is the Raya Rayuma Democratic Party?

    Who are the individuals responsible for coining such an awkward and awful appellation?
    Is it possible for gangs to adopt a democratic facade and claim to advocate for the rights of people who are not even legal residents of Raya but were smuggled after the massacre of Tigrayans?

    Raya and Welkayit have never been parts of Amhara and will not be parts of Amhara for years to come. It is better to let all those fellow Ethiopans live in peace and harmony.


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