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How the TPLF, OLF and the Prosperty Party Reduced the Amhara Population

Aklog Birara

The pain and suffering inflicted on the Amhara population over the past half century is incalculable, unimaginable and inexcusable. 

I remember critiquing the TPLF dominated government of Ethiopia for its deliberate misrepresentation of Amhara numbers in its census. I also recall providing a comparative demographic picture from the 1984 census conducted by the Socialist regime headed by Mengisstu Hailemariam, an Oromo who embraced Ethiopia patriotism, that put the Amhara and Oromo populations at par. 

I urge you to ask “What happened and Why? 

Ethiopia’s demographic composition started to change dramatically and visibly since 1991. 

All indicators show that the Amhara population has been assaulted on multiple fronts:psychological, cultural, spiritual, political,, financial, budgetary, economic, human security and demographics. in the 2007 census, a net of 2.4 million Amhara disappeared into thin air. There was no plausible explanation. 

This dramatic state and government initiated and calculated decline of Amhara since the TPLF regime and its successor the Oromo Prosperity regime took power. resulted in the further impoverishment and disempowerment of the Amhara population. it is part and parcel of the governing party’s zero Sum game, meaning my gain is achieved at your loss. i gain numeric superiority by reducing your number to a minority status and so on. 

The Amhara region is the least developed and the poorest in Ethiopia. This is among the most compelling reasons for Amhara Fano resistance.

Listen to the below video and appreciate the level of pain and suffering Amhara faces. 

Video : embedded from Ethiopian Chronicle YouTube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from the video

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