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Abiy Ahmed’s gov’t Pressures Ethiopian Electoral Board for Special Consideration of TPLF

Abiy Ahmed _ govt _ TPLF _ National electoral board
Gedion Timoteos, Abiy Ahmed’s Gov’t Minister for Justice (Photo : PD)


Toronto – Seen from the situation about three and half years ago that took the ruling Prosperity Party and the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) to war that turned out to be one of the worst in the history of Ethiopia with more than one million loss of lives, what happened this week sound unreal.

Yesterday, Ethiopia’s Ministry of Justice asked the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) to re-accept the TPLF as a legal party “under special consideration.” The government’s political move came a week or so after the Ethiopian parliament approved the proposed bill from the Abiy Ahmed-led council of ministers to allow outlawed political parties for reasons of illegal activity to be accepted as legal entities when they “demonstrate an interest in peaceful and legal” political struggle. 

TPLF’s status as a legally registered party with the NEBE was revoked in 2021 after the Ethiopian Parliament designated the TPLF as a terrorist organization because it attacked the Northern Command of the Ethiopian Defense Force ( in November 2020) and committed a massacre in the neighboring Afar and Amhara regions of Ethiopia. 

When the Pretoria Agreement – with relentless and invisible diplomatic and political works of the United States and some of its European allies but under a formal brokerage of the African Union- brought the war to an end, Abiy Ahmed’s party and TPLF forged what appeared to move in the direction of political alliance. Political observers and analysts say the Pretoria Agreement saved the TPLF from military demise which would have pronounced its political death too.  

Currently, the TPLF is said to have, and this is from official Tigray regional government sources, 270,000 armed combatants and they have not disarmed yet.  Also, TPLF has demonstrated behaviors of aggression after the Pretoria Agreement when it invaded the Raya areas militarily and displaced more than 50,000 residents. In Wolkait, the TPLF forces have reportedly killed at least 15 civilians and wounded several others. What analysts are questioning is how the TPLF could be accepted as a political party when it has over 270,000 armed forces. 

The NEBE has not yet responded to the request from the Ministry of Justice. 

The Defense Force is said to have lost at least 3000 troops when the TPLF attacked the Northern Command of the Defense Force. So far, the Defense Force seems to have nodded to the ruling party’s campaign to make TPLF a legal political entity. 


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  1. Remaining as part of Ethiopia is not the issue the modern and civilized people of Tigray want. They want independence and restoration of their historical status as a nation. The TPLF must listen to the people and take steps accordingly or resign and hand over power to the young and dynamic leaders who are for referendum and independence. Tigray should begin applying for UN and AU membership as soon as possible.

    • Stop killings and violence against Tigrayan girls and women; drastic measures should be taken even for minor offenses committed against women and girls Stop killings and violence against Tigrayan girls and women; drastic measures should be taken even for minor offenses committed against women and girls

      Tigray has now become notorious for sexual violence and killings of Tigrayan women, girls, and even nuns. How could people encroach on someone’s house to assault women and girls as old as 3 and 7 while Tigray is burning 360°? The statistics of sexual violence are only collected from workplaces, and you can imagine those sex predators are educated and working in government offices only in Mekelle. Could you just share 3 seconds of your precious time and wonder if the data was collected from all over Tigray, including ordinary, unlettered citizens? Please, you are not special but worse than any other Ethiopian. You can delude yourself with fanciful words like well-cultured, well-behaved, modern, civilized, hero, smartest, brightest, etc., but in reality, you are unruly, rude, arrogant, snobbish, etc. An ethnic minority that has no respect for its own women and girls, mothers, sisters, daughters, doctors, lawyers, and leaders cannot call itself modern and civilized but is a flock of animals, having a special ability to talk and walk with two feet. According to Aristotle, “humans are social animals, but those sex predators and murderous Tigrayans could be wild animals who took human flesh undeservidly.
      Based on study location, Tigray national regional state had the highest prevalence of pooled Workplace Sexual Violence (WSV )36.1% (95% Confidence interval 12.8% to 61.5%), followed by Oromia national regional state 24.1% (95% Confidence interval(CI) 1.7% to 52.3%), Amhara national regional state 22.6% (95% Confidence interval 10% to 36.8%), Addis Ababa 18.8% (95% Confidence interval 2.2% to 40%), and SNNPR 18.2% (95% Confidence interval 12.2% to 24.9%).
      Stop killings and violence against Tigrayan girls and women; drastic measures should be taken even for minor offenses committed against women and girls. 
      Thank you, Borkena, for alerting the public about the plight of Tigrayan women and girls for some reason or another and exposing Tigrayan elite hypocrisy. Hats off to your job. We cannot find those news stories on Tigrayan websites except those youtubers who have been obsessed with commercializing Tigrayan plights for over 3 years.

  2. Digital Tigraway

    Nothing about you is digital, you are backward Analog. Tigray is struggling due to people like you, who thinks that they are better than the rest of the country but in reality bunch of Aroge korkoro… Meles Zenawi lied to people like you, making you feel good about yourself because he wants to hide the true Inability of Tigray. Golden Tigray , Golden bla bla now struggling to secure a meal, and a Milisha man like you still playing hero hero game.

    Get lost man, tired of seeing and hearing losers like you…. Who do you misleading? Ethiopians already won against Tigray 3 times in just 2 years, what are you talking about. Tigray will never split from Ethiopia, not by choice, by force!!!

    • Teddy,

      Why wasting your valuable time with this knuckle head. I doubt if he is even from Tigray. He must be one of those ‘special races’ from north of Tigray. Those two have been butting heads for decades with those from the north seeing those from Tigray as worthless humans and those from Tigray seeing their northern neighbors as boot lickers of their colonial masters. When they fight they are ruthless to each other. Tigray had never been an independent nation. In fact it never survived alone without provisions from its next door neighbors. Let him make a dumb bell of himself. He is not from Tigray


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