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Ethiopian Parliament approves land compensation, resettlement legislation 

Ethiopian Parliament _ Land Compensation
Shewit Shenka, Chairperson of Urban, Infrastructure and Transport Affairs Standing Committee in the Ethiopian Parliament (Photo : PD)


Toronto – The Ethiopian Parliament on Tuesday approved the revised “Land Release, Compensation, and Resettlement  of the Settlers Proclamation”  which will be referred to as Proclamation No.1336/2016 . According to sources, four parliamentarians voted “no” and six others abstained.  

The proclamation has provisions that determine compensations  and authorities that have entitlement for resetting when the government disposes of land holdings of citizens “for the benefit of the people.” The Chairperson of the Law and Justice Standing Committee in Parliament told parliamentarians that “previous compensation payment system was vulnerable to corrupt practices and that the displaced group did not receive appropriate compensation.” 

The legislation will be applicable for compensation estimation and payments starting after the date of its approval in the parliament. It means the projects whose compensation had already been estimated before the adoption of the revised legislation will be managed with the proclamation that was not revised. 

News update from the parliament cited Shewit Shenka, the Chairperson of Urban, Infrastructure and Transport Affairs Standing Committee, as saying ” proclamation has established a system to clearly identify the bodies that have the authority and responsibility to resettle and rehabilitate the displaced people.” 

The government also sees benefits in the proclamation from a project management perspective.  According to the news update from the parliament, it is said that the ” resolution that it is a good proclamation that will reduce the delay of work that was happening to projects due to court arguments, and bank account suspensions due to inappropriate compensation claims.” 

Millions of Ethiopians had been dispossessed of their land holdings and property first in what is now Sheger City and In Addis Ababa in the past three or four years. While the  former was undertaken on alleged ground of “illegal land holdings” , the latter was  undertaken under the guise of “corridor development.”  There had been allegations that the demolition of houses – especially in Sheggar city – mostly focused on ethnic Amharas. Many were reduced to homelessness with their family members while those who could afford to pay for a room or rooms were able to get one facing radical lifestyle changes. 


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  1. This is good news for those who have been displaced after the ‘redevelopment’ onslaught. It should have been in place before the forceful eviction, anyway. Compensation at a fair market value is the civilized way. I hope the city officials will follow thru this legislation with due diligence. Eminent domain exists in every developed country except where the goon commies rule.


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