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Amhara region “Peace Conference” in Bahir Dar Concludes 

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The peace conference in Bahir Dar (Photo : PD)


Toronto – The two days-long “peace conference” in Bahir Dar is concluded. It drew extensive criticism among Ethiopians on social media. It was organized by the regional government but it appears to be that the Federal government initiated it. Many say organizing a “peace conference” while undertaking an extensive military operation in the region is a misnomer. 

Representatives from all zones in the Amhara region, “influencers”, religious leaders, youth, women, ruling party officials, and Defense Force Commanders (including the deputy chief of Defense) attended it. 

According to a BBC Amharic report,  between 600 and 700 participants attended the two-day-long “Peace Conference” In Bahir Dar. Before Bahir Dar, Defense Force members were holding public meetings in different cities in the Amhara region and Addis Ababa too. 

The source cited a participant who spoke on condition of anonymity, for security reasons, to report that overwhelming grievance was expressed at the conference. It indicates that the region is heading to social and economic devastation. “This war does not have a winner; it is a war in which brothers are killing each other,” the participant who BBC Amharic identified as “anonymous” is cited as saying.   

killings of innocent civilians, closure of schools affecting millions of children, and lack of social services including basic health services for maternal care were discussed. 

The goal of the conference was to discuss possible solutions to the ongoing war in the region. It was in August 2023 that Abiy Ahmed’s administration openly declared a military operation [ rather sounds euphemism for war] under the guise of disarming Fano forces.  

Unrestricted and unconditional peace talk with the forces that represent the Amhara people’s interests is said to be a view that was repeatedly reflected in the conference.  

The government is reported to have accepted the idea of peaceful dialogue. There has been a similar expression of interest in peace talks on the part of the government but there has been no practical action in that direction as it relates to negotiating with Fano forces.  However, government representatives reportedly said that the existence of many leaders of Fano forces made it “difficult” for the government to negotiate and the participants of the conference were asked if they could bring a single leadership that can represent all. 

According to BBC Amharic, a 15-member committee is elected to facilitate discussion with Fano forces. It is tasked to create conditions for government and Fano forces to hold talks. 

Fano forces have not yet formally responded to the call for negotiation. The massacre of tens of thousands of ethnic Amhara in the Oromia region, demolition of houses, and dispossession of property in the Oromia region, abuse of ethnic Amharas in Addis Ababa are among the  causes that fueled existential threat to Amhara- something that gave rise to Fano as defender of Amara existence. 


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