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A Meaningless Call for Peace from the Government of Ethiopia: Fano’s justified refusal

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By Abasiber Waleken

The echoes of Agegnew Teshager’s plea in Bahir Dar yesterday resound in our ears: it is time to end the bloodshed. The Prime Minister was also heard echoing the same sentiment repeatedly. However, it is a hollow call for peace without genuine steps being taken. Our first imperative should be the unification of the government. Ethiopia must strive to establish a government that authentically represents all our people, one that champions justice, equality, progress, and development for every citizen.

Currently, our government is under the influence of a select few from the Oromo elite, occupying critical roles such as the Prime Minister, Army Chief, Federal Police Chief, and Intelligence Chief—all from the same narrow circle. This has created a polarizing system that segregates individuals along ethnic lines, unjustly labeling some as criminals based solely on their language and heritage. A government that condones discrimination, torture, and even deploys drones against civilians cannot genuinely advocate for peace or an end to the violence.

Ethiopia has endured the brunt of strife and turmoil for far too long. We must chart a new course away from internal discord and confrontation. The Tigray elites, by embedding ethnicity within the TPLF framework, facilitated the rise of unqualified and self-serving individuals from various ethnic backgrounds to positions of power and influence. Today, universities, hospitals, courts, and other crucial institutions are under the control of these ethnic elites, while those with true talent and a fervent dedication to national service are sidelined due to identity-based biases.

Those who see the nation as a mere stepping stone for their personal ambitions have seized control, marginalizing individuals with intellectual acumen and a steadfast commitment to the nation’s welfare. The persistent shadows of corruption and nepotism continue to plague us, now under the dominance of the Oromo elites who wield influence over nearly every aspect of public life.

Therefore, the Ethiopian government’s appeals for groups like Fano and other armed factions, engaged in conflict with the national army led by Oromo elites, to lay down arms and embrace peace, ring hollow. Genuine peace requires a steadfast commitment to reform, truth, and reconciliation. The government must dissolve its current cabinet and embark on a path of transitional justice. With the guidance of nations experienced in such processes, we must establish a government that genuinely serves its people, upholds justice, and champions equality for all.

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