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Ethnic Politics in Ethiopia: Amhara and Tigray Genocide Signals the Urgency for Ethiopia to Change Course

Ethiopia must pivot away from ethnic politics or risk its own demise

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Tulu Baye

For the past three decades, Ethiopia has been ensnared in a complex tapestry of ethnic politics primarily led by the TPLF. The introduction of ethnic federalism by the TPLF has culminated in the gradual marginalization of the Tigrayan minority, making them victims of genocide orchestrated by the current government.

The national army finds itself entangled in the murky waters of ethnic politics, striving to rectify a situation instigated by political elites. The Ethiopian Defense Force has also fallen prey to ethnic politics and nepotism, transitioning from TPLF dominance to being controlled by Oromo elites.

Throughout these scenarios, the Amharic-speaking community has borne the brunt of hostilities, perceived as historical foes by both Tigrayan and Oromo elites, resulting in instances of ethnic cleansing.

In light of the stark realities faced by Tigray, it is essential for them to alter their course and actively work towards eliminating ethnic politics. Without Tigrayan elites promoting a shift in Ethiopia’s trajectory, the Amhara community might resort to drastic measures to instigate change.

The Oromo elites, focused on short-term political gains, may be hesitant to change their approach. Ethiopia must strive for political equality, multiculturalism, and reject ethnicity-based quotas that hinder meritocracy and foster corruption.

The current ethnic federalism and resulting territorial identity have cultivated a narrative of ‘us vs. them’, leading to the displacement of millions. Even in urban areas, millions are targeted based on their ethnicity under the guise of corridor development and informal settlement rectification. In this environment, the Amhara and Amharic-speaking community endure the harshness of ethnic politics.

Ethiopia must transcend ethnic fragmentation and draw inspiration from Rwanda to liberate itself from the quagmire it finds itself entrenched in. Ethiopia must persevere and seek a better future for all its people.

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    Mahibrekidusan and borkena share same studio in Toronto observers reported.
    The Zehabesha website is a hub for terrorists and one of the anti-Amhara websites. This website is inciting violence against Tigrayans and Oromos in order to push Tigrayans and others to fight against their fellow Ethiopians, the people of Amhara.


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