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Ethiopian gov’t organizes “peace conference” in Amhara region as military campaign against Fano fails to yield result

Amhara peace conference  _ Ethiopian News
Agegnehu Teshager speaking at the “peace conference” in Bahir Dar (Photo credit : AMC)


Toronto – The Ethiopian government has not yet taken a bold action along the lines of negotiating with the Fano forces but the events about “peace” are making headlines in state-owned media outlets at the Federal and regional government levels. 

On Monday, government media reported that a “peace conference” under the theme “peace for all, all for peace” was taking place in the regional capital Bahir Dar. Similar conferences were reportedly organized in many towns across the region. 

A few days ago, selected military generals from the region, including the deputy chief of staff, Abebaw Tadesse, held a meeting in Addis Ababa with “representatives” of ethnic Amhara drawn from the business community, religious leaders, elders, and youth whom the government considered as potential influencers in ending the conflict in the Amhara region. 

Speaker of House of Federation, Agegnehu Teshager, and Deputy Chief of Staff of the Ethiopian Defense Force were among the attendants of the “peace conference.”  Religious leaders, elders and civic organizations leaders were among those represented in the conference. 

Agenehu Teshager said that the government has been unable to provide service in the region including the “distribution of fertilizers” due to the situation in the security situation. He called for an end to “killing one another”  

The region has been under a state of emergency for over ten months. The extended state of emergency is not officially lifted although it ended about two weeks ago. 

Reports from reputable human rights organizations and local news sources indicate that government forces committed extensive rights in the region during the state of emergency including rape, extrajudicial killings, and drone attacks against civilians. 

The government’s stated objective of the military campaign was to “disarm Fano forces,” and the move came right after the Federal government dissolved special forces in the Amhara region. 

Based on reports from multiple credible sources,  the government has failed in its military campaign in the Amhara region. The Fano forces are now more armed than they were before the start of the state of emergency in August 2023.  Intensification of “public engagement” including by the military leaders came as Fano forces attained more military success in the region. 

The latest government total military mobilization aimed to decisively defeat Fano forces by the end of May 2024 and more than 90,000 new forces were reportedly deployed across the vast  Amhara region. However, it did not bring about any change. 

Fano forces, who aim to reverse the existential threat against ethnic Amhara in the region and elsewhere in Ethiopia, are growing in number, based on credible sources from the region. 

Whether the government’s rhetoric about “peace” makes change without addressing Fano forces demands head-on – which is at this point a major systemic change – change to the structure they describe was facilitating the massacre and attacks of ethnic Amhara. Tens of thousands of ethnic Amhara have been massacred in the Oromo region of Ethiopia – among other areas – since Abiy Ahmed took power about six years ago.  


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  1. Stop the mass killings  of Amhara, Oromo, Stop the killings and violence against innocent Tigrayan women and girls  Stop the mass killings  of Amhara, Oromo, Stop the killings and violence against innocent Tigrayan women and girls 

    “Ethiopian government organizes “peace meeting” in Amhara region as military campaign against Fano fails to yield results,” Borkena boasted.

    The article’s title may appear inflammatory and devoid of empathy for the people of Amhara, who have been massacred, displaced, and subjected to interminable misery for the past three years. It fails to recognize Ethiopian officials’ and mediators’ attempts to bring peace and cease the ongoing killing and displacement. By using the line *”as a military campaign against Fano fails to yield results,” *the writer weakens the relevance of the peace conference and unduly celebrates Fannos’, or people of Amhara’s, ability to defend themselves against the Ethiopian federal army’s military aggression.
    It is critical to recognize the massacre that the people of Amhara are facing, as well as the agony that continues in the absence of this peaceful agreement, and to appreciate the collaborative efforts made by both warring parties and intermediators to put an end to their bloody, senseless conflict.

  2. These puppets move their mouths but the puppeteers Abiy/Shimeles speak through these objects that call themselves leaders and Amhara. The Audacity!! Fanno has moved to never return under the belgana leadership and to punish the Oromo extremist criminals and their cronies such as the Banda so called Amharas. It is not enough that this dysfunctional government must be rid of, but all criminals must be apprehended and punished to the full extent of Fanno Law! Folks who were evicted from their properties and homes must be repatriated back to their lawful residencies and those participated in direct or indirect harm of peaceful citizens must be imprisoned! Wolega, Nekemt, Arasi…must pay the consequences of their atrocities, murderous acts, petty tribalism, and barbarism!

    Victory to FANNO!!

  3. Whose peace? It certainly is not Amharas! There can not be peace when there are murderers, rapists, tribalist fascists, Oromos who made barbarism the norm of life in divided Ethiopia. There can not be peace when an incompetent government and leadership is doing everything to muzzle the freedom and God given right for Amhara, all Ethiopians for that matter, to exist wherever the hell they desire to live in Ethiopia. There will not be any peace until Abiy, Shemeles and the entire belgena structure is broken down into pieces and buried deep into the holes of hell they deserve to be in for all the atrocities, injustice, genocide and inhumanity they brought to Ethiopia and Ethiopians. There will not be any peace until Ethiopians stop believing and fearing one individual and caving in with their tails between their legs like dogs at every rebuke and look as if these idiots are gods. There will not be peace until the government is afraid of the people and not the other way around. Sell your bullshit elsewhere. Abiy and co are still conscripting Oromos and dumping them in masses in Amhara land to kill Amharas.


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