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More details emerging about ethnic Amhara Generals led public meeting in Addis 

Amhara generals _ Adwa museum meeting


Toronto – On Friday, the Ethiopian Defense Force shared a brief update on its social media page about the meeting that the Deputy Chief of Staff, Abebaw Tadesse,  Defense Operations Manager, General  General Belay Seyoum, and Federal Police Deputy Commissioner, Zelalem Mengiste had with selected ethnic Amhara “representatives” in Addis Ababa, at Adwa Museum to be specific. 

While it was reported that the meeting was about the ongoing conflict in the Amhara region of Ethiopia, questions raised during the meeting and  how participants were selected – among other issues -were not highlighted in the report. 

A BBC Amharic report published on Friday indicates that it was the Addis Ababa Mayor’s office that initiated the meeting which took place at Adwa Museum. 

The two deputies ( from the Defense Force and Federal Police) and Head of the operations in the Defense were made to lead the meeting  because they happen to be ethnic Amhara, according to sources. 

It was an all day long meeting ; it started around 9 a.m. in the morning and concluded in late evening.  

The closed meeting and Participants 

The meeting was a closed one, according to sources. The participants were not reportedly allowed to carry on their cellular phones to the meeting. 

According to BBC Amharic, intellectuals,  businessmen, religious leaders, elders and Youth were made to attend the meeting.  Over 200 participants who were believed to have the ability to influence “change” in the Amhara region of Ethiopia were selected. But it is still unclear on the selection process and as to who was behind the selection.

What was discussed at the meeting? 

The topic of discussion was the situation in the Amhara region and the Fano resistance to the Defense force, according to sources, 

“Because the demands [of Amhara people] were not addressed and people in the region faced existential threat, people are now in the movement to reverse the existential threat. You need to understand it at that level,” that was among the remarks from participants,  based on a BBC Amharic report. 

The killings of civilians in the Amhara region of Ethiopia was among the topics raised by the participants.  They told the generals that the defense force often resorted to the killings of civilians in vengeance in the Amhara region whenever Fano forces attacked them.  “We see it and we have evidence. Do you follow [the story] it?” was one the questions posed to the deputy Defense Chief  of Staff and Deputy Federal Police Commission.  The generals addressed it as a sort of “exaggeration of youtubers and social media talk.”

The Deputy Defense chief added “our training, our mission and our deployment does not allow that.”  The action of the defense force- including the entire military operation – was portrayed as a “constitutional mission of the Defense Force.”  Reputable local and international Human Rights organizations have been reporting about extrajudicial killings and drone attacks against civilians. 

Arbitrary arrest of ethnic Amhara, harassment and house search without a court  ( in the capital Addis Ababa) were also raised as questions during the meeting.  

The response for all the demands from the deputies (of the defense force and Federal police) was “the questions you raised will be presented to Federal and regional governments. 


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  1. I don’t understand why these generals are being addressed as Amharas’. They are not ‘Amhara’ generals but Ethiopian generals. Meanwhile, I commend both sides for willing to have a serious pow wow to discuss the stupid war ignited by stupid and bigoted individuals. The deaths of the gullible youth should stop and stop now!!! The same goes with the youth in Oromia. Just like his brothers in Amhara, the youth in Oromia has been bamboozled to take to the bushes by bigots and connivers. That had to stop and stop now!!! Meanwhile, the regime must stop bullying peaceful citizens in both of these regions. That did not work for its predecessors. It did not works even for the atomic bomb toting Soviet Union left behind by the psychopath murderer Stalin. Peace y’all!!!

  2. well, you should have been more blunt and severe to the current government who is responsible for all the warmongering and ethnic cleansings of various ethnic groups especially the Amharas and Tigres. We all know that abiy ahmed is a delusional, psychopathic individual who should be in an asylum rather than being a leader of such a great nation as Ethiopia is, yet people are pointing fingers at the wrong tree because of their fear or loyalty for this tribalist government. abiy ahmed, shemelse abdisa and many of his enablers including the criminal military leaders should be brought to the international war crimes tribunal for committing war crimes, genocide and destruction of civilian infrastructures in Amhara, Tigray and Afar regions.

  3. First and foremost, the Ethiopian government and military officials, including Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and the leadership of the Ethiopian National Defense Forces (ENDF), must be held accountable for the ongoing atrocities. The systematic murder of civilians is not only a grave violation of human rights but also a stain on the moral fabric of the nation. These actions must cease immediately. It is imperative that the government takes concrete steps to protect all citizens, regardless of their ethnicity or political affiliation.

    Furthermore, the presence of ENDF forces in the Amhara region has exacerbated tensions and violence. Their immediate withdrawal is necessary to de-escalate the situation and pave the way for constructive dialogue. The occupation of this region by military forces has led to unnecessary suffering and undermined the potential for a peaceful resolution to the conflict.

    Before any meaningful discussions can take place, these foundational issues must be addressed:

    Accountability: Those responsible for ordering and carrying out the killing of civilians must be identified and brought to justice.
    Cessation of Violence: An immediate halt to all acts of violence against civilians must be enforced to restore a sense of security and trust among the population.
    Withdrawal of Forces: The ENDF must evacuate the Amhara region to allow for a peaceful and unhindered dialogue among the affected communities.

    Only through these steps can Ethiopia move towards a future where peace and stability are achievable. The international community and internal stakeholders must exert pressure to ensure these actions are implemented without delay, safeguarding the rights and lives of all Ethiopian citizens.

  4. I just watched another panel discussion that was held in Minnesota with participants coming from various backgrounds and professing different religions. That is encouraging to me. I saw our daughters/sisters taking active parts in the discussion. It was a civil presentation of ideas and I applaud the organizers and moderators. We should not be afraid or hostile to ideas due to the fact that throughout history no one has been able to kill ideas. Even Stalin and Mao had tried to kill everyone with different/opposing ideas. They killed tens of millions but were not successful in stamping out ideas completely. It did not take too long for them to be declared wrong through out their rule by those who after them. Khrushchev’s admittance of brutal excesses during the Stalin years sent the commies in every continent is disarray. Mao’s right hand hangmen/woman were rounded and sent to jail for life which sent our own commies split up into fragments of irrelevant creatures. I was dancing in the streets during the years 1976-78 when the news of excesses by Mao and his hordes started to come out. Mao killed more than 50 million civilians because he wanted to kill all ideas that he thought were different from his. So, if the current regime back in the old country or those that will come next think they can wipe out differing ideas, that ain’t gonna happen. There is also another baseless notion that depicts the old country is seconds away to go belly up. I don’t how some people have the nerve or even start to believe that the old country was founded and left to wither away by Good Ole USA after the 2nd World War. When I see and hear individuals with higher education say that, it makes me wonder how did they come up with such wild tale. It means that country never existed before WWII and Truman just on a whim decided to slap together some outfit that was wreaked by mold from head to toe and left it to rot. Folks, stop blaming Menelik and that Barentu firecracker Taytu for creating that country. After watching the presentation by the ‘daredevil’ I may have to stop calling my country of birth ‘the gem of the colored’. It shows how some individuals are dangerously hateful of everything about that country. I mean hateful about everything including its people except their own group of people. But I still encourage organizers of such panel discussion to keep their blessed endeavor. I am sure they have the rightful intellectual horsepower that Ethiopia, Eritrea, Djibouti and Somalia can not go on in the long run without each other. Greater this and greater that never worked except sending countries spiraling into oblivion. It ain’t gonna work. They have to embed in their Allah gifted conscience that when you demonize a country you may entrap yourself into demonizing its people. When you demonize a group of people you may end up having innocent civilians killed/massacred. That has happened inside Ethiopia, Somalia and even in the darling of the Horn of Africa, Djibouti in 1991. Again blessings to the organizers of the panel discussion.


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