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Over 20 Wedding Attendants including Bride and Groom Reportedly Killed In West Shoa

Wedding attendants including bride and groom killed
Source : BBC Amharic


Toronto –  At least 20 wedding attendants were reportedly killed this week in what is said to be a targeted attack in Nono district of the West Shoa zone of the Oromia region of Ethiopia. It happened in the rural town of Silk Amba. The bride and groom are among the victims, according to a resident from the area.  

It is unclear why the attackers targeted the wedding attendants. 

BBC Amharic report, published on Monday, cited Teshome Seboka, the head of the Command Post ( a government body running the administration in a state of emergency situation in Ethiopia) in the area , as saying “extremist Amhara gunmen” are behind the attack. He alleges that wedding attendants were locked in a house and blown in a grenade attack.  He was not specific about who exactly were the extremists, which part of Amhara they came from, and the measure that government forces took.  

However, a resident from the district who spoke on condition of anonymity for apparent security reasons said, as reported by BBC Amharic, it is unclear as to who the perpetrators of the attack were. The resident also said that there are talks that the incident has something to do with a land dispute. 

Houses near the scene were blazed. There was also a reported robbery, it is reported. At least 20 houses are blazed in what is said to be a vengeance attack. Responders who arrived on the site to put the fire off were attacked by gunmen. 

A resident from the area estimates the death toll to be between 30 and 50 while the Command post chief says it is difficult to tell the exact figure. 

From the report, the incident is horrific; not even many body parts were recovered due to the severity of the fire that engulfed the house.  Teshome Seboka is quoted as saying “At this point, let alone identifying the bodies, it has become difficult to identity between bodies and burned wood” 

In addition to the house where the wedding attendants were attacked, 22 other houses were burnt. 

According to the report, there have been similar attacks in the past. 


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  1. This is textbook terrorism. We should all condemn this demonic act on innocent civilians. Is this what you’re calling ‘liberation’ or ‘self defense’? This is nothing but Al-Shabaab or “The Lord’s Resistance Army’, Ethiopian style.


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