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Fano-ism Resilience and Resistance: The Amhara Struggle for Equality and Peace in Ethiopia

Fano forces (File/SM)

Tulu Baye

Fano and Fano-ism, a patriotic movement deeply rooted in Ethiopian history, emerges in times of national adversity, serving as a guardian of Ethiopia’s independence against colonial powers and symbolizing the spirit of black freedom. King Menelik II harnessed the power of Fano to unite peasants in defense of their nation and values.

Today, the Amhara people embody this same spirit as they confront the rise of narrow ethnic chauvinism in Ethiopia. Originating as a political ideology in Tigray under authoritarian communist rule called TPLF, this movement has morphed into a force led by self-proclaimed  ethnic majorities, notably the Oromo elites, aiming to erase diverse identities, particularly targeting the Amharas for ethnic cleansing.

Over the past five decades, the Amharic-speaking community has endured persecution, initially branded as enablers of the feudal regime by communists and later vilified as historical foes by narrow ethnic nationalists. This distorted narrative has marginalized the Amhara population, falsely portraying them as a minority.

Manipulative statistics further exacerbate this injustice, misrepresenting the Amhara community’s significant presence, with a majority adhering to the Orthodox Church. Facing imminent genocide orchestrated by militant groups, often with tacit government support, the Amhara people have risen in resistance, inflicting substantial blows on federal forces and dismantling Tigrayan militias, yet met with global apathy.

Advocating for peace, liberalism, and unity while rejecting ethnic discord, the Amhara community aligns itself with Western values. With a substantial diaspora community, many of whom have suffered persecution, the Amhara aspire to lead Ethiopia towards stability and peace in East Africa.

The international community, especially the USA, must heed the Amhara struggle for equality, liberty, religious freedom, and stability in Ethiopia and the region. Recognizing that Ethiopia’s peace is pivotal for regional tranquility, it is imperative to address the dangers posed by disruptive elements like Eritrea and the perils of ethnic division as the sole organizing principle of the nation.

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