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Empowering Ethiopian Americans in the 2024 Election: A Call to Action

Ethiopian Americans

Youm Fesseha
Chairman, AEPAC PA SEC
Philadelphia, PA 

In the diverse tapestry of American society, the Ethiopian American community stands as a vibrant and integral part, contributing to the cultural, social, and economic fabric of the United States of America. With more than half a million Ethiopian Americans eligible to vote in the upcoming 2024 US election, predominantly in important election and swing states such as Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona, Nevada, and largely populated metropolitan areas of DC-VA-MD, Dallas-Houston, Seattle, LA and SF CA metropolitan areas, their combined voice and ballot wield significant influence in shaping both their community’s future and the nation’s trajectory.

However, their voices and perspectives are often underrepresented in the political landscape. By engaging in the electoral process, Ethiopian Americans can ensure that their concerns are heard and addressed by elected officials at all levels of the US government.

The journey of Ethiopian immigrants to the United States traces back to the 1980s when many fled the oppressive grip of a communist military government in Ethiopia in search of freedom, opportunity, and a better life for themselves and their families in the United States. These individuals, known for their hard work, resilience, and law-abiding nature, have since made significant strides in various fields, excelling as doctors, engineers, scientists, teachers, business owners and more, embodying the essence of the American dream.

While a substantial number of Ethiopian Americans have traditionally aligned with the Democratic Party, it is imperative for the community to reassess its voting patterns and prioritize candidates who champion issues that directly impact Ethiopian American interests, such as education, safety, healthcare, business and the promotion of human rights and due process in Ethiopia where many still have family members living. By adopting a bipartisan approach and focusing on key community concerns, Ethiopian Americans can leverage their voting power to affect meaningful change and advocate for policies that resonate with their needs and aspirations.

The current political landscape underscores the necessity for Ethiopian American voters to engage with their elected representatives, educate them on community-specific issues, and hold them accountable for addressing these concerns.

While many Ethiopian Americans supported President Joe Biden in the previous election, they feel let down by the administration’s inaction towards human rights violations and civilian massacres in the Amhara region, as well as its support for Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali’s regime in Ethiopia. The Biden administration, along with the Democratic Party, must not assume Ethiopian American votes are guaranteed, underscoring the need for a more informed and mutually beneficial relationship between Ethiopian Americans and political leaders.

By voting together and endorsing candidates who genuinely champion Ethiopian American concerns while also strengthening the US-Ethiopia relationship by upholding human rights, democracy, and due process, Ethiopian Americans can significantly influence the electoral process and push for policies that resonate with their values and goals.

It’s important for Ethiopian Americans to elect US candidates who will hold the Abiy government responsible for human rights abuses in Ethiopia, the targeting of innocent civilians with drones and violations of the rule of law. As the Biden administration continues to support the current Ethiopian government of PM Abiy Ahmed associated with ethnic motivated human rights violations, Ethiopian Americans must prioritize human rights, accountability and justice in their voting decisions.

As the 2024 election looms on the horizon, Ethiopian Americans have a unique opportunity to make their voices heard, shape the course of the nation, and stand up for issues that are central to their well-being and prosperity. By voting strategically, supporting candidates who prioritize community concerns, and advocating for a more inclusive and equitable political landscape, Ethiopian Americans can pave the way for a brighter and more empowered future for themselves and generations to come.

Therefore in the 2024 US election it is important for more Ethiopian Americans to  register to vote and exercising their constitutional right to cast their ballots, can make a significant impact on the direction of the country and advocate for issues that are important to their community.

Ethiopian Americans can make their voices heard by registering to vote, turning out at the polls, and influencing the outcomes of closely contested elections, particularly in swing states. They can also play a crucial role in holding elected officials accountable for their actions. Voting remains a powerful tool for driving change and ensuring policymakers prioritize the needs and interests of the Ethiopian American community.

In order to ensure that more Ethiopian Americans are able to participate in the 2024 election, it is essential to undertake voter registration efforts within the community. Community organizations, religious institutions, cultural centers, and advocacy groups can play a key role in educating Ethiopian Americans about the importance of voting, assisting with voter registration, and mobilizing community members to turn out at the polls on Election Day.

Furthermore, it is crucial for Ethiopian Americans to stay informed about the candidates and issues at stake in the 2024 election. By researching the platforms and track records of candidates running for office, Ethiopian Americans can make informed decisions at the ballot box and support candidates who align with their values and priorities.

In conclusion, the 2024 election presents a crucial opportunity for Ethiopian Americans to make their voices heard and advocate for positive change in their communities and the nation at large. By registering to vote, staying informed, and turning out at the polls, Ethiopian Americans can exercise their constitutional right to participate in the democratic process and work towards a more just and equitable society for all. Let us all come together to ensure that every Ethiopian American is registered and ready to vote in the upcoming election.

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