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The Amhara Elites! Please Stop Bickering and Writing on Untimely Topics! Extinguish the Fire Engulfing Amhara First!

Amhara _ Lalibela _ Ethiopia
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By Tigist W. Abate

In its June 2024 report, the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) reported that the Prosperity Party (PP) killed 600 Amharas in here It is a travesty of justice to undermine the level of Amhara massacre to this level. However, it is hard to blame the UNHRC for this miscarriage of justice but us for not doing extensive diplomatic work and for not having a well established census on the number of people massacred to counteract this claim.  It is shameful not to have this census while there are a lot of Amhara intellectuals who brag that they have PhDs in this or that discipline. 

Like their forefathers, the patriotic Amhara youth are paying the ultimate sacrifice for the survival and dignity of Amhara and Ethiopia. However, the Amhara elites continue bickering trivial on audiovisual mass media and writing on untimely topics on online newspapers.  Some argue about constitutional changes, some write about long term economic plans, some about history, some about the Abay dam, and others about transitional government as if Ethiopia is being ruled by legitimate and responsible rulers that could listen and implement national programs. Regrettably, still some elites write book size articles to teach us about what we can learn from other countries such as South Africa and Vietnam although it was our forefathers who taught these and other countries how to liberate themselves. 

Even fools do not continue to argue on untimely matters when their house is engulfed with flames of fires. No doubt they will stop arguing and focus on extinguishing the fire flames. 

When their colonialist ambition miserably failed, the defeated invaders buried the ethnic fire coal in the soil of Ethiopia to burn the gladiator Amhara. More than half a century later, this coal fire was ignited by the children of colonial era traitors known as bands. The ignited fire coal which has been burning Amharas gradually became a conflagration 6 years ago. This conflagration wiped out the unprepared Amharas and Gurages  in Shashemene and other areas several years ago. The blaze spread everywhere to consume Amharas, especially in Oromia regions such as Welega where even worshipers in the Amhara churches and mosques have not been spared.    

Witnessing this enhanced Amhara genocide, the Amhara youth picked up arms under the umbrella of Fano and started to defend Amhara and resurrect Ethiopia. Unfortunately, however, some imprudent elites tried to belittle Fano ignoring defending genocide is not only a just but a must do divine and historical responsibility. Some elites even went too far and called Fano the “Amhara Shene” comparing it with the evils that kill fetuses in their mothers’ wombs and chop necks and drag the rest of the dead bodies on dusty streets. 

It is embarrassing that some Amhara elites continue bickering on trivial matters and writing about constitutional changes, long term economic plans, transitional government, reconciliation and so on while the criminals who committed genocide are still in the palace and continued committing Amhara genocide using drones and grenade launchers donated by Turkey and the United Arab Emeritus.  It is long overdue to stop bickering and stand united to extinguish the fire flame engulfing Amhara. 

Thank you.  

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