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Telemet in tense situation as TPLF mobilize forces to recapture the area militarily 

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Toronto – Tension in Telemet, North Gondar, reported since last week after the TPLF mobilized forces from the Tigray region with an apparent move to recapture the areas militarily just like it did in the Raya areas, North Ethiopia. 

BBC Amharic, on Saturday, reported that it spoke to  residents and administration in the area about the development. They have confirmed that the TPLF forces attempted to enter Telemet area – which has been described by the Federal government and some international actors as controversial areas while TPLF and the U.S. administration had been referring to them as “western Tigray.” 

Molalegne, head of East Telemet Administration, is cited as saying “The Tigray forces have been made to leave the area and vacate,” following efforts by security forces in the area and defense force. 

He seemed to have credited the defense force for the withdrawal of “Tigray forces” following communication with leaders (unspecified if it was federal government leaders or the TPLF leaders) to avoid conflict. 

The authorities in the area think that TPLF forces (they are described as “Tigray Forces”) intention, in the past few weeks, was to demolish interim administration in the area and implement a plan to return displaced people. 

A little over a week ago, there was a confirmed report that TPLF forces launched an attack  in Adarkay district of North Gondar, Ali Ghiorgis Kebele where they killed at least 15 civilians and wounded three others. Houses in the locality where the attack took place were reduced to ashes. 

In April this year, Tadesse Worede, Deputy President of  Interim Tigray Regional Administration unveiled plans to demolish interim administrations in the “contested” area and return displaced people. He made claims that the intended action was in accordance with the Federal government. 

Similar situation in Raya 

In March 2024, the TPLF forces mobilized what was described as heavily armed troops south of the Tigray region to control several districts of Raya – another area where the “Tigray forces” have been making claims of land. According to OCHA, well over 50,00 residents were displaced following the forceful military take over of the area. There have also been reports of human rights abuse in the area including killings, rape and kidnapping.

Currently, the TPLF forces are reportedly camped in schools in the area and people in many parts of Raya have been taking to the streets to protest the forceful military moves. People in the area feel betrayed by the Federal government, according to an EMS report this week. The Federal government and TPLF have been moving in the direction of what appears to be a political/military alliance after the Pretoria Agreement. They have already conducted three rounds of political dialogue in Mekelle and Addis Ababa. 

Raya and Wolkait/Telemet areas have traditionally been non-ethnic Tigray areas. It was after the TPLF took control of central government power in 1991 that these areas were incorporated into the Tigray region. Since then there have been movements in the areas protesting imposed Tigray Identity. 


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  1. Let’s all hope and pray that the old country will somehow be able to find peace with itself very soon. Let’s hope and pray that the youth that has been connived to take to the bushes will finally wake up to those who hoodwinked him/her and go back to his loved ones. That is the best wishes we can extend to those noble people who produced us all. They have seen it all. They were mowed down like overgrown lawn, chased out of their domiciles where they have lived for decades and even centuries. They have been denied their dignity by thugs and bigots. When they think that it is all over for them, then suddenly sky start falling on top of them with bloodshed they have never seen before. What else they have not been subjected to? May The Good Lord Bring Peace and Stability for them! If that starts happening soon, they are assured that a better world is awaiting them. Qualified experts both at IMF and The World Bank are projecting an encouraging economic growth for the old country between 6.3 and 7.00. That is great news. With sustained peace and stability we can all say that the country that we still hold very dear to our heart, it has finally got its mojo working. Insha’Allah!!!

  2. The country where it’s still 2016
    By Tamara Hardingham-Gill, CNN

    Published 5:00 AM EDT, Sun June 16, 2024
    “Ethiopia is a very conservative Christian country where the majority of the people don’t care about the rest of the world,” he says, explaining that the way things are done in the Western world would be of little interest or concern to many Ethiopians, particularly those who live in the countryside.
    In Ethiopia, the birth year of Jesus Christ is recognized as seven or eight years later than the Gregorian, or “Western” calendar, which was introduced by Pope Gregory XIII in 1582.
    According to experts, the Roman Church adjusted its calculation in 500 CE, while the Ethiopian Orthodox Church opted to stick to the ancient dates.
    “We are unique,” says Eshetu Getachew, CEO of Rotate Ethiopia Tours And Travel. “We [were] never colonized. We have our own calendar. We have our own alphabet. We have our own cultural traditions.”
    Source: editioncnncom/travel/ethiopian-unique-calendar-year/indexhtml

    As a side note, Telemet, Welkayit, and Raya belong to Tigray. Stop whining, please. Don’t stuff yourself with narcistic and ethnocentric toxic ideas, and do not contaminate the spirits of peaceful Amharas with your boring propaganda. Take it easy. Tigrayan forces are back home!!

  3. Amhara elites such as Borkena must stop disseminating inflammatory rhetoric and unequivocally discontinue their dull, disingenuous, and boring propaganda referring to Telemet, Welkayit, and Raya as a part of North Gonder.Instead, they should accept the harsh reality: Tigrayan forces are back home!! Telemet, Welkayit, and Raya belong to Tigray. These Tigrayan lands have never been part of Amhara or Gonder but are the traditional or ancestral lands of Tigrayans.


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