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TPLF’s Failure to Learn from Past Mistakes


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Isael Ze Etiel  

The Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) is a long-standing organisation that seems stuck in its ways, unwilling to learn from past mistakes. Despite the devastating consequences of their actions in the past, the TPLF continues to pursue the same path, causing further conflict and suffering in the region.

Recent incidents, such as the TPLF militant group provoking conflict in the Raya Alamata areas, and on June 3, 2024 TPLF forces made an attack in the Adarkay district of North Gondar, have resulted in material damage and loss of human life. The TPLF’s actions have not received the condemnation they deserve, with the ongoing targeting of civilians and causing further tensions in the region. The TPLF’s actions are clearly aimed at destabilizing the region and undermining the authority of the Ethiopian government. However, they are also likely to backfire, as they will only serve to increase tensions and make it more difficult to achieve a peaceful resolution to the conflict.

The TPLF’s aggression has had a devastating impact on the civilian population of Amhara. According to the UNOCHA report on Displacement in North Wello and Wag Hamra Zones, Amhara Region dated April 3, 2024, the sudden escalation of hostilities in Alamata Town and surrounding rural towns in the north of Ethiopia since April 13/14 has displaced approximately 50,000 civilians to Kobo Town in North Wollo Zone and to Sekota Town in Wag Hemra Zone of the Amhara Region. Many are living in desperate conditions without access to basic necessities such as food, shelter, and healthcare.

The failure to address the underlying issues and engage in meaningful dialogue has only escalated the situation, potentially drawing foreign forces into the conflict and causing even more damage. The Federal government’s passive response suggests a lack of willingness to address the root causes of the conflict and seek peaceful resolutions. Some observers believe that the government is deliberately allowing the conflict to continue in order to weaken the TPLF and its supporters in the Amhara region.

It is time for the TPLF. Learning from past mistakes and embracing new approaches is essential to avoid repeating the same catastrophic outcomes. It is crucial to find a better, more peaceful way to address conflicts and avoid further suffering in the region. Only through a peaceful resolution can the people of these regions rebuild their lives and achieve lasting peace.

To conclude that the TPLF’s aggression against Amhara is a grave violation of human rights and has caused immense suffering among innocent civilians. The international community must continue to condemn these atrocities and support efforts to end the conflict and hold those responsible accountable. Only a peaceful resolution can bring an end to the ongoing humanitarian crisis and allow the people of Amhara to rebuild their lives.

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