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The US Prioritization of Stability Over Human Rights in Ethiopia is like riding a tiger! 

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Aba Habtu  

In recent years, the world has witnessed an alarming escalation of violence in Ethiopia, particularly against the Amhara people. The conflict, which began as a response to the murder, displacement, and genocide of Amharas, has morphed into a full-fledged genocidal war targeting the Amhara population. Despite overwhelming evidence of atrocities, the United States has chosen to prioritize stability in the region over human rights, a decision that has far-reaching implications for global justice and security.

The Amhara people, one of the largest ethnic groups in Ethiopia, have faced a campaign of ethnic cleansing and mass killings by pro-government forces throughout the country. Thousands of innocent civilians have been killed, homes have been burned, and entire communities have been displaced in what can only be described as a systematic attempt to eradicate the Amhara people from their ancestral lands. The sheer scale of the violence is staggering, with reports indicating that over 1.5 million Amharas have been displaced, and thousands more have been killed or injured.

Despite these horrific acts of violence, the United States has refrained from taking any decisive action to stop the genocide, citing the need to maintain stability in Ethiopia. This decision to prioritize short-term stability over human rights is akin to riding a tiger – a dangerous and unsustainable path that will ultimately lead to greater instability in the long run.

By turning a blind eye to the atrocities being committed against the Amhara people, the United States is not only failing to uphold its obligations as a champion of human rights but also setting a dangerous precedent for future conflicts around the world. By prioritizing stability over justice, America is essentially condoning the use of violence and repression as a means to maintain power, a choice that will inevitably lead to further unrest and instability in the region.

Moreover, by forgoing action against the genocide in Ethiopia, the United States is also eroding its credibility as a beacon of democracy and human rights on the global stage. For decades, America has positioned itself as a defender of freedom and democracy, a country that stands up for the oppressed and fights against tyranny. However, by failing to address the genocide in Ethiopia, America is sending a message to the world that its commitment to human rights is conditional, and that it is willing to turn a blind eye to atrocities for the sake of political expediency.

Furthermore, by choosing to prioritize stability over justice in Ethiopia, the United States is also jeopardizing its own national security interests in the region. The ongoing conflict in Ethiopia has already destabilized the entire Horn of Africa, leading to a massive humanitarian crisis and creating fertile ground for extremist groups to thrive. By failing to address the root causes of the conflict and hold perpetrators of violence accountable, the United States is allowing the situation to spiral out of control, potentially leading to even greater instability and conflict in the future.

It is time for the United States to reconsider its approach to the crisis in Ethiopia and prioritize human lives over stability. This requires taking decisive action to stop the genocide, holding perpetrators accountable, and supporting a genuine political solution that addresses the root causes of the conflict. Anything less will be a betrayal of the values that America purports to stand for, and a failure to learn from the lessons of history.

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