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Landlord – Renter Registration Kicked off in Addis Ababa, Ruling Party seem to pursue security objectives too

Renter Registration _ Addis Ababa _ Ethiopian News
Moges Balcha, Addis Ababa Prosperity Party Chief


Toronto – Addis Ababa City Administration started the implementation of Proclamation 1320/2016. It declared to regulate residential rental fees in the capital Addis Ababa and other major cities.

 It is said that the proclamation is intended to control rental housing price hikes. The body will regulate rates. Landlords will not be able to increase prices above rates set by the regulatory body and only once a year. The ruling party also claims that the proclamation will resolve “good governance” problems surrounding landlord-renters. 

The city on Saturday started registering renters and property owners. The administration said that homeowners are required to provide documents attesting that the home is theirs or they are legal representatives. 

On the side of renters, they are required to provide Identity cards. 

Addis Ababa City Housing Development and Administration office, whose current head is Kidist Woldeghiorgis, is in charge of implementing the proclamation in the city. 

The city administration reported this week that the division held a discussion with stakeholders this week on the implementation and other issues. 

Registration is underway in all sub cities of the city. 

The notion of public service neutrality seems to be non-existence in the country as the line between the ruling party and the public service is weak, if not non-existent.  For example, it was the ruling party’s Addis Ababa office head, Moges Balcha, who opened the engagement forum in Addis.  From the trends so far, it is unlikely for department heads in the public service not to be members of a ruling party. Conversely, it is unlikely for department heads to be a member of opposition parties or even not a member of any party. At the Federal government level, the ruling party offered a few ministerial positions  to opposition parties. 

Although Proclamation 1320/2016 is projected as a measure taken to regulate rental hikes, there are speculations that the government is also using it to beef up security. The administration had been prohibiting peaceful demonstrations in the city on alleged grounds that it has a security challenge in the city. 


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  1. More schemes to know who is who and how much they have to later come around and take their hard earned money, property, wealth etc. The notion that the government will make things equitable is unequivocally absurd and a false narrative and it doesn’t take a genius to figure that out. Abiy and co need to evict non Oromos from Addis and simultaneously use those who have a little bit of money saved up as a cash cow to continue their loosing campaign at against the Amhara people. Addis residents are a bunch of pussy cats with no spine! When a bunch of ethnic idiots muzzle their freedom in every imaginable way, they stay silent hoping and praying things will change. No pain, no gain. Even if you have to fight these murderers with your bare hands, that is what it will take to win your freedom. Here is a quote from Winston Churchill speech during World War II to his brave men and women of England for the uninitiated Addis folks “We shall fight in France, we shall fight on the seas and oceans, we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, We shall never surrender “We shall fight in France, we shall fight on the seas and oceans, we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, We shall never surrender’.” Fight Abiy and co in the allies, in the Kebeles, in the courts, in the churches, in the mosques everywhere in the city!! Fight all of them with your bare hands, with your sticks, with your teeth, with your pens, with everything you got!! No one shall dare make you a subject, a tool, a slave to their whim! Show the vagabonds of beshsha that Addis Abeba is full of men with brave souls that will not go quietly!!


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