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Ethiopian Airlines resuming flight to Aksum, Tigray region 

Aksum Ethiopian Airlines Flight
Flight to Aksum was suspended for over two years due to the war in the region. Photo : PD


Toronto – Ethiopian Airlines is resuming flights to Aksum, Tigray region of Ethiopia, starting tomorrow. 

ENA, state media, cited Lema Yadecha, the Airlines Business Sector Head, as a source to report that the flight is initially once a day but could be up to three times a day based on demand. 

There are as many as 200 daily domestic flights to different parts of the country. The number of passengers have grown significantly in recent years. Last year, Ethiopian Airlines transported over 3.5 million passengers to different local destinations.  Domestic flight terminal expanded to cater for growing needs was inaugurated last month. 

The government hopes that resumption of the flight will help restore the flow of tourists to the city. 

Aksum is one of the major tourist destinations in North Ethiopia. The airport in the city had been damaged due to the two years war between the Tigray People’s Liberation Front and Abiy Ahmed led Federal government. Maintenance work has been underway for several months now.  


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