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Oromia region charging fees truck drivers from other parts of Ethiopia

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Image credit : DW Amharic


Toronto – From recurring reports of rights abuse and even open massacre against innocent civilians over the past six years ( since Abiy Ahmed took power), It seems Oromia region of Ethiopia is increasingly becoming lawless. Both government bodies and militants operating in the region seem to be the source of the problem.

Truck drivers that drive across the Oromia region had been experiencing kidnapping and killings. When that seems to be slowing in recent weeks (at least there was no news report about it), security officials posted at checkpoints in the region are hassling truck drivers with fees “for passing through” Oromia – much like “landing fee.” The issue has been trending on social media for several weeks now. 

DW Amharic published a report on Friday and the story seems to confirm that security authorities in Oromia are charging illegal fees from other Ethiopians.

Major roads linking regions and provinces are theoretically under the Federal government administration. However, Truck drivers say, as reported by DW Amharic, “they are forced to pay ‘exaggerated fees’ as they drive through the Oromia region.” 

They added that they have made complaints to authorities but the response they got was not satisfactory. The region’s urban development and housing office is saying that they “have no idea about what this fee is.” 

According to drivers, including those driving to Djibouti via Oromia region, they are being charged up to 2000 birr every few kilometers. Drivers who dare to ask for an explanation about the fee are being beaten by the security officials posted at checkpoints. 

A driver who spoke to DW Amharic said he has paid three times between Mojo and the capital Addis Ababa which is about 65 kilometers.

 Neither the Federal government nor the Oromia regional state do seem to be acting on it. 


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