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Grenade attack recurring in Woldia, North Ethiopia 

Grenade attack  _ Woldia _ Ethiopia
Woldia city reportedly experienced three grenade attacks in three days (Photo : SM)


Toronto – Recurring grenade attacks this week were reported in Woldia, the seat of the North Wollo administration, in the Amhara region of Ethiopia.

Three grenade attacks seemingly targeting authorities and government institutions happened in three days as the Defense Force continues to make claims that the Fano forces are no longer in a position to pose a security threat in the region.

BBC Amharic spoke to some residents in the town regarding the attacks and they spoke on the condition of anonymity for security reasons. 

On Sunday evening, the residence of the Zone’s Prosperity Party (Abiy Ahmed’s ruling party) was attacked in the Mugad locality of the city. BBC Amharic said the grenade caused property damage but no casualties were reported,  Neither the official nor his family members were hurt. However, some residents who spoke to BBC Amharic tend to think that the official was hurt in the attack. 

Partial restriction on Bajaj transportation was imposed for a few days, according to the source. 

The attempted attack on the life of the Prosperity Party office head in Wolida is said to be for the second time since the confrontation between Fano forces and the Abiy Ahmed government started over a year ago.  A few days before the Sunday attack, there was an attempted attack on his life when they attacked his home in Gomata – this one is said to be in a different location, not Mugad.   The story is confirmed by a public servant from the city, based on a BBC Amharic report. 

Another explosion happened on Monday this week around 5 a.m. (local time) targeting the deputy Mayor’s residence.  Property damages were reported and two individuals, who are believed to be neighbors,  sustained wounds from the attack. 

On the same day (Monday) in the evening around 8 p.m., there was another grenade attack near ‘Mebrat Ha’il’ where the zone’s administrative office is located. There was no casualty from this attack either. However, vehicles belonging to the government were damaged. “I have counted six cars riddled with shrapnel from the grenade attack. 

Residents did not say who was behind the attack but indicated that Fano forces operate in the region. The Ethiopian government did not deny or confirm the attacks. 

A week or so ago, there had been a similar grenade attack in Dessie, about 120 kilometers south east of Woldia. 


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