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Nahusenay, Ebenezer formal send off in Gondar ; Abiy Administration continues to refused to hand over dead bodies to parents

Nahusenay _ Abenezer _ Gondar Fano _ Funeral
Formal Send of for Fano Nahusenay and Fano Abenezer ( Addis Ababa)


Toronto – Today, a formal send-off was organized in Gondar.  Nahusenay and Abenezer were given a hero’s send-off in the traditions of Gondar. Full traditional performance was part of the send-off ceremony. 

Fano leader from Gondar major Nahusenay Andarge and his colleague Abenezer were killed in action in Addis Ababa in April this year during a shoot-out.

The government confirmed at the time that they were killed but refused to hand over dead bodies to their parents. The government did not explain why it was not handing over the dead bodies. There are speculations that the government meant to spoil the inspirational effect of the hero’s funeral that Nahusenay and Abenezer would receive.  

Parents were abused at the hands of security authorities and even arrested as they were asking for the dead bodies of their sons. There are unconfirmed reports that government authorities finally told parents that Nahusenay and Abenezer are buried in an undisclosed location. 

While parents were grieving, the community celebrated the valor and heroism of Fano Nahusenay and Fano Abenezer as part of the send off ceremony.

The fighting between Fano forces and government forces still taking place in many parts of the Amhara region of Ethiopia.

Abiy Ahmed’s administration has deployed massive forces in the region with the aim to eliminate Fano forces.

The extended state of emergency imposed in the region is set to be over in three days but the government is expected to extend it again.


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  1. My family and I are with the grieving family. We wish we could be there on location to give them comfort and wipe their gushing tears. It breaks my heart to see a young man with the world ahead of him just lost his Allah blessed life. I’m holding those connivers who sent him to his inevitable death for much ado for nothing. Similarly, other connivers in Oromia have been sending young people like them to their inevitable deaths while hiding in their rabbit holes in Western Wallagaa. Previously, rather recently, close to a million young people were literally butchered in destructive and stupid war ignited by stupid, bigoted and stubborn individuals. A million mothers are still wailing for their babies who did not make it back from the stupid battlefronts. Woe, woe, woe!!!!

  2. Make that: Similarly, other connivers in Oromia have been sending young people like him to their inevitable deaths….


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