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The Amhara Genocide is not a myth or a propaganda ploy; it is a stark reality that the Amhara people are currently facing

Amhara Genocide _ Ethiopia _ Human Rights
From Highland Piper

Aba Habtu

The evidence of the systematic destruction of our people can no longer be ignored or denied. The deliberate marginalization, deprivation of rights, and outright violence unleashed against the Amhara people by the Oromo regime are clear indications of a genocidal agenda that must be addressed and stopped immediately.

The history of the Amhara people in Ethiopia has been one of resilience, strength, and contribution to the country’s development and prosperity. However, the false portrayal of the Amhara as the ruling elite has been used as a justification by the Oromo regime to systematically target and oppress our people. This dangerous narrative has fueled deep-seated animosity and hatred towards the Amhara, leading to a campaign of ethnic cleansing and destruction that has continued unabated for years.

The declaration of War On Amhara by the fascist Abiy Ahmed Ali is the apex of the attempt to eradicate our people and our culture from existence. The widespread destruction of healthcare, education, and public service infrastructures, as well as the direct targeting of civilians, has resulted in unspeakable atrocities and human suffering on a massive scale. 

The deliberate destruction of ambulances, schools, and health facilities has led to a catastrophic loss of life and a devastating impact on the most vulnerable members of our society. The statistics and testimonies of survivors paint a grim picture of the extent of the atrocities committed against the Amhara people and the urgent need for intervention.

Just to add some evidence to my case, I cite a recently leaked document from Amhara regional state office which shows how far the regime has gone to dismantle the education and health systems of the Amhara state: 

– Over 587 ambulances designated for health facilities have been forcefully taken and repurposed to transport  logistics  to the invading army

– 1,731 mothers have died from bleeding because they couldn’t reach medical facilities due to the lack of ambulances.

– 15,607 children died due to inadequate medical care.

– 184 schools and 42 vocational and technical colleges have been turned into military camps, with school equipment looted and destroyed. Chairs are being repurposed as cooking stoves.

– 5.2 million students are unable to attend school. This number is by far larger than the population of all other regional states in the country except one.

– 116 health facilities have ceased operations, and 94 health professionals have been beaten and arrested.

– Attached is a letter from one vocational college giving detailed destruction rendered by the regime’s army.

It is against all these backdrops that the Amhara people rose up to fight for its existence. We have the right to exist, to live in peace, and to be treated with dignity and respect. We are not merely shouting #AmharaGenocide because we thought it is sensational to so but we are saying it because that is the harsh reality our people are subjected to. 

The international community must not turn a blind eye to the Amhara Genocide and must take decisive action to hold the Oromo regime accountable for its crimes against humanity. The atrocities committed against the Amhara people cannot be excused or justified under any circumstances. The deliberate targeting of a specific ethnic group for destruction and annihilation is a clear violation of international law and moral decency.

Come what may, the Amhara people will not be silenced, and we will continue to fight for our rights, our freedom, and our survival. The time to act is now!!!

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