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Ethiopian PM says “There will be no transitional government”


Toronto – The Ethiopian Prime Minister on Saturday made a thirty five minute speech on the occasion of official launch of National Dialogue in a ceremony organized at the Adwa Museum.

“We have undertaken very daring reform measures in the past few years. The reforms were made not to win elections. They were not made to please everyone either. They were undertaken to demonstrate, to the children of Ethiopia, that Ethiopia has a better implementation power,” Abiy Ahmed said in a reform.

He then highlighted what his government believes as a success story including “increase in wheat production” in the country and urban development project in the capital Addis Ababa – “Corridor Development Project” – among other things.

He also emphasized that the National Dialogue is best chance for Ethiopian and that Ethiopians should take advantage of the “opportunity.” If there is no agreement about anything, his government will organize “referendum” to deliberate on it. While several opposition parties declined to participate no national dialogue for reasons of transparency and inclusion problem they claim to see in the process, it is noticeable that considerably big number of Ethiopians tend to have distrust about the process. Abiy Ahmed said his government will not interfere in the process.

He also exploited the occasion to talk about transitional government – something many opposition leaders, opposition parties and activists are calling for. “There will not be a transitional government in Ethiopia,” he said.

Watch his speech and share your remarks in the comment section.

Video : embedded from EBC YouTube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from the video

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