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Son Who Stabbed His Mother to Death Receives Death Sentence

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Toronto – Court in Adama, Oromia region of Ethiopia, on Friday sentenced Tolossa (also known as Fikru Ashenafi) to death for stabbing his mother to death. 

Fana Broadcasting Corporate (FBC), said the matricide was committed on April 29, 2024 in Bole sub city of Adama (Nazret) Deka Adi locality.

The report said the suspect used a knife to stab his mother to death. The report said that the prosecutor established that the suspect   lost money to gambling and used to beat up his mother trying to force her to sell assets she owns and substitute the money he lost to gambling. The source unspecified the amount of money. The name of the victim is undisclosed too. 

The suspect was unable to defend the charge and the court sentenced him. The death sentence will be carried out when the head of state signs it.


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