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Shimeles Abdissa reportedly made another genocidal, hateful message 

Shimeles Abdissa _ Ethiopian News
Shimeles Abdissa


Toronto – Shimeles Abdissa, President of Oromia region of Ethiopia, reportedly made another hateful message.  He vowed to punish neftegna ( a code word for ethnic Amhara) and train another one million armed forces in the region. 

He made the speech to newly trained and armed forces. 

A translation of his speech in Oromigna – based on a citizen report on social media – reads “yesterday, Neftegna had ambition over Wollo, Finfine and Adama. Now it is begging for Bahir Dar and Gondar. As to Debre Berhan it knows it from the very beginning; it will never get it. You work hard on your homework…” 

While the message is trending on social media, borkena was unable to confirm it from local Ethiopian News Sources. 

He has been making similar speeches in the past.

Earlier this week, Abiy Ahmed’s Administration reportedly mobilized over 90,000 new forces and deployed them to the Amhara region.  Reports from local sources indicate that most of the recruits are from the Oromia region. 


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  1. Good job Borkena doing its due diligence in telling us the so-called speech has not been independently verified. I he said that word for word, then it is unfortunate my upright and harmonious people in Oromia have to hear that. It will not help the dire situation both in Oromia and Amhara regions. Some one should take him on the side and have a serious counseling or two. But it does not surprise me if he said something unpleasant. I remember what he said when USA was contemplating imposing traveling restrictions and other sanctions on certain government officials. He said something to the effect telling USA to take its pest riddled wheat and stick it. Mind you that very wheat from USA had saved millions of lives during the 1984-8 famine and other similar calamities that followed. That was utterly uncalled for. Gudissa’s great-grandson the late Emperor Haile Selassie would never say that. Since his reign that country seems to have been pushed around by one punk rocker after another. That is a beggar being so ungrateful.

    Borkena, please continue verifying that and don’t give him the publicity he is craving for.

  2. If this official had really said what is reported here, it shows how desperate he and his friends are in maintaining their grip on to power and their failure to bring peace and stability in Oromia region. The bigots roaming the western part of the region are said to be emboldened more than ever to come out of their rabbit holes to conduct raids in their hood and adjacent areas. That has made the living situation for the innocent citizens of those surroundings unbearable bringing deaths and destruction. Farmers are said to have missed planting season which can lead to starvation and deadly famine. Schools and health facilities are permanently shuttered. That is if they are still standing, not destroyed which is fat chance. It is very dangerous for humanitarian groups to go there and provide assistance to desperate citizens. Copy that to certain areas in the Amhara region. The only regions you can hear a pin drop are the Afar and Somalia regions. Hats off to our Afar and Somalis brothers and sisters.

    The citizens of that part of the region are being besieged by both sides. That proves Shimeles and his friends have not been able to maintain law and order and slowly they are losing control. That may be the motivating factor for him to gloss over his dismal failure. His predecessors used the same tactic. Those came to power in 1991 used to make similar speeches blaming others for all of their failures. The only ones they did not blame were Bugs Bunny and Speedy Gonzalez. Mengistu used to make fiery speeches whenever the rebels in Eritrea kicked his behind. Many times the culprits were domestic agents of foreign powers and other times foreign powers themselves. So the routine is on with the suffering of the innocent citizens continuing in perpetuity. Very, very sad; very sad indeed.

    Meanwhile, some level head people should take this young man on a side and give him some serious counseling. He and others in power or positions of influence should never make any speeches using terms like ‘Neftegnas, Oromummaa and Woyane’ as pejoratives to denigrate others. The Lenchos used to move their jaws with that in the 1980’s and 90’s that led to the massacres of poor peasants and urban dwellers. I don’t think he and his friends are so illiterate not to know that. Watch your language, young man!!!

  3. Yewosha lij new! Preaching hate, filling the hearts of the precious little boys in the south with venom, spewing poison of death and murder is a job this idiot specializes in. He doesn’t do any of the dying nor do the any of his real brothers. He instead uses these gullible, immature, nincompoops to go do the dying in his stead! A fool’s errand! Fanno is surgical with the black AK captured from the “astakes” but humane enough to honor these invaders and genociders by treating them with proper international rules of prisoner conduct. The belgena party is on the edge of its tomb and will be buried in the depths of hell to never return in the land of habesha for eternity. Guaranteed!!!


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