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Ethiopia says U.S. $274 mln. Generated From Mining Sector Export 

Mining sector export _ Ethiopian News
Habtamu Tegene


Toronto – Ethiopia’s Ministry of Mining says it has generated over $274 million over the past nine months from the export of mining products. 

Habtamu Tegene, the Minister, said over the past nine months in the current budget year 2.14 tons of gold have been supplied to the National Bank of Ethiopia. 

He said so during a performance evaluation presentation that the House of People’s Representatives.  The 29th regular session of the House evaluated the implementation of the nine months plan of the Ministry. 

The Minister added that the department’s key focus during the budget year was to produce export minerals extensively and qualitatively, supply to the market and generate foreign currency. 

The Minister says this year’s production is higher by 12.6 percent compared to last year’s same period and the revenue has shown “83 percent” growth. 

Based on the disclosure from the House of People’s Representatives, there seems to be a discrepancy in the report. 

On the one hand, the House says the amount of production – through companies – was 2.414 and the share of production in the traditional method was 0.609. And the overall production for the period cited above is 3.023 – the parliament said. It does not seem to add up. 

The minister also told the House of People’s Representative that many of the mining sites in the country are in areas where armed groups are operating.  Mining areas in Amhara, Oromia and Benishangul are mostly under “armed groups,” said the minister. 


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