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Renewed Clashes Erupt Between Fano Forces and Government Forces in Gojjam

Fano Forces _East Gojjam _ Ethiopian News
Debre Markos – seat of East Gojjam Zone


Toronto – Fresh fighting between Fano forces and the Ethiopian Defense Force is reported in East and West Gojjam zones.  Residents from both areas have confirmed the news to DW Amharic service. 

Alemnew Mekonnen – DW Amharic reporter based in Bahir Dar – spoke to residents in the Feres Bet and Dembecha areas of Gojam. In Zeleka, a rural village, at least four civilians were wounded following the fighting. A woman reportedly died from shrapnel.  Those wounded are taken to “Wad ” health center. 

The fighting in the area started about four days ago, witnesses from the area said.  

“The Defense Force entered Denbecha district Zeleka Kebele on the night [of May 26] and fighting started around 6 a.m. Heavy weaponry was fired at the town, and residents started to leave the town, so we slept all day long,” residents told DW Amharic reporter. 

Another resident from Amanuel town, East Gojjam, said on Sunday and Monday there was fighting from two directions. There was an exchange of fire for two days. A government office is damaged in the area but the report unspecified if there were casualties from the two days long fighting. The witness spoke to the source on condition of anonymity for security reasons.

A resident of Feres be in West Gojjam said there was a fight on Tuesday but a relative calm was restored later. However, residents indicated that there is still tension. 

Massive government Forces deployed in the region 

This week, the Ethiopian government reportedly deployed over 90,000 newly trained government forces in addition to military support from regions – mainly from Oromia region. 

The Fano forces in Gojjam imposed restrictions on Vehicle Mobility in an apparent move to disrupt government forces deployment in the area. Latest reports indicate that the Fano forces have temporarily lifted the restriction because farmers need essential supplies for their farming activities. 

The extended state of emergency will come to an end in a couple of days. Unlike government claims that the Fano forces are no longer a threat, intensive fighting is reported in Gondar, Shewa and Wollo. Fano forces continue to release video footage that seem to indicate that the government forces are still losing battles.  Ethio News, on Thursday,  reported that the Ethiopian Defense Force was making aerial surveys in many areas of the Amhara region.


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