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Fano forces announce road closure as Abiy Ahmed gov’t  deploys massive troops in Amhara 

Fano forces _ Gojjam Road closure
Fano forces have closed roads for vehicles in Gojjam as they strategize to respond to a major government military mobilization in the region. ( Image : google map)


Toronto – Roads heading to and from the West and East Gojjam area of the Amhara region are closed as the Ethiopian Defense Force is deploying huge troops to the region to “complete” military operations in the region. 

It has been six days since roads have been closed in the area, according to DW Amharic report. Fano spokesperson, Marshet, in Gojam has confirmed it to Ethiopian Media Services. It started last Wednesday. 

What appears to be a military strategy on the part of Fano is primarily targeting vehicle mobility as the regime is moving newly trained troops to the region. 

Residents from the area told DW Amharic that mobility has been difficult. They said economic and social activity in the region has been impacted severely.  Workers moving from town to town were unable to return home or go to work. Businesses with perishable items are hit hard. Those in the fruit retain business say that the road closure has affected their business severely. 

During an interview with Ethiopian Media Service, Fano spokesperson admitted that the road closure has negatively impacted residents in the area and asked the people to be a little patient. 

Fano forces say they are struggling against Abiy Ahmed’s Administration to reverse an existential threat to the Amhara people. Abiy Ahmed tends to frame the fano movement at times as a form of “extremism.” And at other  times, as groups “who are concerned for Amhara.”  In his latest visit to Bahir Dar, which reportedly lasted only for 17 minutes, he described Fano as our brothers who are in the jungle. “Come and work with Arega [president of Amhara region]” was his message. But the action he is taking in the region is entirely different.  


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  1. This is a big mistake. It is the same mistake the other group in Wallagaa made in the past that ended up backfiring on them. When you close roads it inconveniences citizens. They can not go to places where they need to get medical help. Farmers can not bring their products especially the perishable ones on time to the market. This step is gonna do harm more damaging than the ones on the battlefield. Meanwhile, the gullible youth in both regions is losing his/her Allah blessed life in a senseless war started by aimless and bigoted individuals. Very, very, very sad indeed.


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