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Unusual multiple grenade explosions rocked Dessie City

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Dessie (Photo : 2019/borkena)


Toronto – Dessie – located about 400 kilometers north of the capital Addis Ababa – has this week experienced the heat from the conflict in the Amhara region between Fano forces and government army. 

There was no direct confrontation between the two forces in the city. However, grenade explosions have been reported in four locations – and they reportedly happened at the same time. 

Multiple Ethiopian sources reported that the military camp in Gerado was one of the targets in the attack. Eight police members are reported to be killed in the attack. 

Segno Gebeya, Hottie, Arategna Police Station and Ager Gizat locations were hit by the grenade attack.  No group took responsibility for it. 

Authorities in the city, including from the security apparatus, reportedly sat for a meeting following the development. Suspicion is reigning within the Administration.

Towns north west and north east of Dessie – like Kubaber and Haik – had some experience in connection with the fighting between Fano and the Defense Force – along with militia and anti-riot police. The last time Dessie was ravaged by war was when the TPLF forces took control of it in November 2021 in their war against Abiy Ahmed’s Federal government. 

Situation in the rest of the Amhara region 

War between Fano forces and government troops intensified in many areas of the region. In North Gondar, there were at least 19 battles between Fano forces and the Defense Force in the past few days. Fano forces in the area claimed significant military victory. They went to the extent of claiming the annihilation of the 51st Division of the Defense Force. 

Last week, the Fano forces in North Wollo briefly took control of the historic city of Lalibela including the airport. In Shewa, dozens of the Federal police – who were mobilized to support the defense force – were captured along with their commander. Video footage of it has been circulating on social media. 

In Gojam, heavy fighting has been reported in the Dembecha. Areas close to Debre Markos were also experiencing fighting. Furthermore, there are reports that Fano forces in the region imposed restrictions on the movement of Vehicles in East and West Gojjam. Their decision came after reports of massive government mobilization and deployment of over 90,000 forces to the region. Ethiopian Media Service report indicated that businesses -especially those engaged in fruit selling are hit hard by the restriction which has been in place for several days now. 

On the other hand, the  Defense Force and the Amhara regional state administration make claims that Fano forces are “weakened” and no longer in a position to stand their ground and fight except “ambush attack.” Arega Kebede, the region’s president, on Monday claimed that the regional government is in control of about 258 districts in the region and reactivating government structures. He said Fano controls only 10 districts in the entire region – an assertion that seems to be questionable, to say the least, given reported Fano operation in many areas of the region. 


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  1. This is textbook terrorism and The ICC should make a note of it. This savage act should unanimously be condemned by all of us. Grenades are not toy guns kids play with. They kill and maim people. This is a cowardly act and repugnant to the core.


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