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Champion Ethiopian Athlete Letesenbet Gidey Marries in Traditional Orthodox Church Ceremony 

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Toronto – One of Ethiopia’s revered athletes from the North of the country,  Letesenbet Gidey, is married to the love of her life. The wedding this past weekend in Mekelle, the seat of the Tigray regional Administration, was by the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church traditions. 

Local sources say she is married to Fesseha Kiros and his Deacon serving in the Ethiopian Orthodox Church. 

According to the Ethiopian Orthodox Church traditions, the bride and groom have to fast for at least sixteen hours before they appear in the church for the wedding ceremony. Holy Matrimony is one of the seven sacraments in the church. After mass service and Special Holy Matrimony service, teachings about marriage life in the orthodox traditions, the Bride and Groom receive the Holy Communion.  They will not sleep together for two days after receiving the communion.   

Letesenbet Giday  Wedding
Letesenbet Giday and Deacon Fesseha Kiros (SM)

After the religious ceremony was completed in the church, there was a cultural celebration of her wedding in Mekelle. Families, friends, and her colleagues have reportedly attended it. 

“The event was filled with vibrant cultural displays, from traditional dances to the rich sounds of Ethiopian music, creating a festive and intimate atmosphere,” World Athletics reported.

Wedding pictures of Letesenbet and her husband Fesseha are widely shared among Ethiopians on social media. She is seen in a traditional Ethiopian bridal dress and vestments from the church. 

A pious follower of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church, Letesenbt is not only a great Ethiopian long-distance athlete but also is hailed for her character of humility. She was the winner of the 2023 International Fair Play Award as part of the World Athletics Awards 2023. 

She achieved great success in her long-distance running career. Among many other success stories, she is a women’s Half marathon World Record Holder (1:02:52 ) which she set in Valentia, Spain.  She broke a record for Women’s 10,000   in 2021 (29:01.03 ) in the Netherlands which Beatrice Chebet of Kenya improved by seven seconds at the Prefontaine Classic, as Letesnbet was celebrating her wedding in North Ethiopia.  In 2022, she made her debut in the Marathon field and did very well. 


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  1. My family and I send best wishes to our daughter/sister and her husband on this defining moment day in their blessed lives. What a patriot she is! She has made us all proud in the extremely competitive athletic arena by bringing one winning medal and breaking one record after another. All the best!!!

    Go get’em tigress!!!


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