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Eritrean President Warns of ‘Hegemonic Powers’ Plot to Ignite New Conflict in the region

Eritrean President _ hegemonic power
Eritrean President making speech on the occasion of the 33rd anniversary of Eritrea’s Independence, Asmara (Photo : screenshot from EriTV )


Toronto – As Eritrea celebrates its 33rd anniversary of Independence, Eritrean President Isaias Afeworki – in a speech to his people on the occasion – said what he called “hegemonic powers” are plotting to trigger another war in the region.

“Hegemonic powers’ interest in triggering another round of war has become a public knowledge,” Ethiopian news sources cited him as saying.  Details of it are undisclosed and the president pledged to unveil it in the future in a convenient time. 

The President has highlighted that the Eritrean Defense Force is ready for any eventuality and that the Eritrean People should not be concerned about it. 

Furthermore, he said that Eritrea will strengthen its cooperation with its neighbors and allies in the region. 

Global politics is another area about which he remarked during his speech. . TesfaNews, Eritrean News source, reported that the president  “highlighted the unstainable and potentially catastrophic consequences of western strategies aimed at dominating and containing  major global powers like Russia and China.” 

Eritrea declared independence from Ethiopia in May 1993 following several decades of armed struggle. In 1998-2000, Eritrea fought  a bloody war  when a conflict broke out over “border dispute.” That  time Eritrea fought against a former political and military ally – Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) which was in control of the Ethiopian state.  

The end of the two year’s war was followed by two decades of no-peace-and no-war relation.  The tense relation between the two countries ended in 2018 when Abiy Ahmed initiated a peace policy towards Eritrea for which he was awarded a “Nobel Peace Prize”.  

The friendly relation between Eritrea and Abiy Ahmed’s government was short lived as the latter expressed interest in “access to the sea by any means.”  

Eritrea was involved in the recent war in Ethiopia in response to TPLF provocation and was an ally to the Ethiopian government. Soon after the Pretoria agreement, the Abiy Administration moved in the direction of forming an apparent political and military alliance with the TPLF forces ,and his party has been holding a series of political talks. 

There are speculations that Abiy Ahmed’s Administration might open war against Eritrea.  The government of Eritrea seems to have popular support in Ethiopia, especially in the Amhara region. 


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  1. I would like to express my best wishes to my dear Eritrean brothers and sisters on the anniversary of the independence of their country. They own the internal affairs of their country and that is none of my business. They should consider the internal affairs of their neighbors the same way. Congratulations and savor the moment.

  2. This guy is very funny to me. At the same time, he doesn’t make these kind of proclamations unless it is true. So my people, get ready for more turmoil in our country. Prepare your families and loved ones. Secure their basic needs so they don’t fall victim to the pitfalls of poverty.

  3. I had listened to and watched Brother H.E. President Isaias interviews he gave in Arabic and I loved his accent and mastery of it. I wish he will do some more in the future. I am not talking about whether he was right or wrong. It is none of my business to judge that as right of wrong. That should be none of our business as Ethiopians. Eritrea’s internal affairs belongs to our very dear Eritrean brothers and sisters and ours is ours. Period.

    Okay Brother Isaias, please give me some chat in Arabic. Also his mastery of the English language is admirable. Again, I am not talking about whether he is right or wrong. Leave me alone on that one.

  4. 33 years of “defending against enemies” is a sorry state to be in. A whole generation was doomed to living in fear, its prospects wasted. Isaias and his counterparts in Tigray dream of nothing but sword and blood. Never wanting to compromise but to dictate their demonic will on others. We’re talking about at least a million dead over the past six decades. Add to that the economic disaster people had to put up with. Problem is, if these “leaders” were to be shot and killed those who replace them will continue in their path. Look at Fan-No. Look at Shenee. These are groups who have been robbed of their humanity from early adolescence. All they dream about is getting to power, revenge, and then closing off others from sharing that power.

  5. Fannos are genociders, and the so-called Mahibrekidusan was a sponsoring genocide in Tigray
    Everyone should support the effort to stop genocider Abiy Ahmled from killing innocent Amharas with impunity, even though these 32 Amhara genocidal associations were also in favor of an all-out campaign of genocide against the Tigrayans and Oromos. These Amhara thugs have to desist from attacking the honorable people of Tigray and Oromia. They should also depart from all of the Tigrayan territories.
    Welkait, Tegede, Telemet, Setit Humera belong to Tigray.
    Fannos are genociders, and the so-called Mahibrekidusan was a sponsor and logistic provider to facilitate an all-out massacre of Tigrayans, including children and women


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