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Sentiment Analysis on Jawar’s Proposal for Progressive Patriotism

Sentiment Analysis of an Article Published in Borkena on 21 May 2024 Titled “Priming  Constitutional Principles and Values over Jawar’s Proposal for Progressive Patriotism” 

Jawar Mohammed _ Ethiopia _  Sentiment Analysis

Benti Geleta Buli

I used the Sentiment Analysis method (Cambria et al., 2017) to break down the article and  assess if the author’s emotional tone was positive, negative, or neutral.  

Overall Sentiment: Critical and Analytical

The text is characterized by a critical and analytical tone, particularly when evaluating Jawar  Mohammed’s proposal for “Progressive Patriotism.” The author systematically dissects the  strengths and weaknesses of various political ideas, emphasizing a preference for  “Constitutional Patriotism.” Below is a section-by-section sentiment breakdown: 

1. Introduction – Sentiment: Neutral to Slightly Critical 

 The introduction provides an overview of different political proposals and the ongoing  debates surrounding them. It maintains a neutral tone while presenting these ideas, but a slight  critical undertone emerges as it sets up the discussion for a more detailed critique of Jawar’s  proposal. 

2. Discussion on Patriotism and Ethnopolitics – Sentiment: Critical 

 The sentiment becomes more critical as the author discusses the societal affective  disorientation caused by ethnonationalist movements. The critique focuses on the  inadequacies of these movements and the resultant socio-political agitation, suggesting that these issues have deep historical roots exacerbated by recent political developments. 

3. Critique of Progressive Patriotism – Sentiment: Analytical and Critical 

This section is heavily critical of the concept of progressive patriotism. The author questions  the practical implications and clarity of what constitutes “progressive,” arguing that it may be  a tool to maintain the status quo and serve the ruling regime’s interests. The sentiment here is  analytical, scrutinizing the proposal’s potential shortcomings and ambiguities. 

4. Proposal for Constitutional Patriotism – Sentiment: Positive and  Constructive 

When discussing constitutional patriotism, the sentiment shifts to a more positive and  constructive tone. The author advocates for this approach as a solution to Ethiopia’s political  and social issues, presenting it as a means to foster unity, peace, and democracy through  shared constitutional values. 

5. Conclusion – Sentiment: Balanced and Proactive 

The conclusion balances critique with proactive suggestions, emphasizing the need for  constitutional revisions and people-based initiatives. The sentiment here is constructive,  proposing constitutional patriotism as a viable path forward for Ethiopia.


The document presents a critical and analytical view of Jawar Mohammed’s proposal for  progressive patriotism, suggesting that it may not effectively address Ethiopia’s affective  disorientation. The author proposes constitutional patriotism as a more viable solution,  promoting it with a positive and constructive sentiment. Overall, the text is intellectually  rigorous, providing a thorough critique while offering a hopeful alternative. 

The author of this analysis is Benti Geleta Buli, a PhD Candidate at Mälardalen University in  Sweden, and can be reached at bentigeleta@gmail.com


Cambria, E., Das, D., Bandyopadhyay, S., & Feraco, A. (2017). A practical guide to sentiment  analysis (Vol. 5). Springer. 

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