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Wolkite Town arsenal reportedly looted, unspecified number of firearms taken 

Wolkite Town (photo : Wolkite City Administration


Toronto – An Arsenal in Wolkite Police Station , in the Gurage Zone of Central Ethiopia region, is reportedly looted. Unspecified number of firearms are taken. 

Wazema Radio cited the Wolkite Town Peace and Security Office to report that the arsenal was looted on Monday around 1 a.m. local  time. The identities of those who were allegedly involved in the looting is not established. 

Tigist Fujie, head of the town’s peace and security, is cited as saying that audit and inspection work is underway to determine the number of missing firearms and other items.  An investigative committee is formed to undertake the task. 

A police patrol vehicle was also stolen but it was abandoned in Tulu lame rural village. It is already recovered and back to the police station in a working condition. 

Police officers who were on duty  during the incident are in custody and being investigated. A search operation to capture those involved in the looting is also underway. 

Wazema Radio said it spoke to some residents of the town. There was a house to house search after the incident and it was based on ethnic profiling, according to the source. 

The house to house search was especially intense in the “Gubre Mewucha” locality. Residents with licensed firearms were dispossessed and arrested, according to residents. 

A resident whose name is undisclosed told Wazema that his spouse and children were arrested. While the spouse was released after two days, the children were still arrested. 

Based on the Wazema report, looting of firearms in the town has happened before. 


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