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Tigray Interim gov’t sees “illegal arms circulation” as a “narrative” to “disarm Tigray”


Toronto – Tadesse Worede, Deputy President of Tigray Region Interim Regional Government, had a press statement regarding Tigray region current affairs.

While noting the recent capture of illegal arms circulation that seems to have originated from the Tigray region, Tadesse Worede seems to have suspicion about foul play. He said it could be a “narrative” devised to help the agenda of disarming Tigray. He sees it as something that has budgetary allocation from the Federal government. Recently, a story was making headlines in Ethiopian government media outlets claiming that the Federal government forces seized illegal arms in Wollo area.

Paradoxically, he seems to admit that Federal government forces facilitated the recapture of areas in the Raya area by TPLF forces. He said the administration (by ethnic Amhara) in Raya is already dismantled.

He also reiterated that administrations in Wolkait will be dismantled by the end of June this year and that the forces there can not overpower the Federal government forces. Once the administration is dismantled, the next step is to return what he called displaced people. Those ethnic Tigreans who were armed before the war will remain armed, he added.

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Video : embedded from Tigray Television YouTube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from the video

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