Oh, Abiy Ahmed


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“Oh, Abiy Ahmed” is a an evocative song produced by JSR Musicals in collaboration with Abebe Gellaw, capturing the dramatic transformation of Abiy Ahmed from a global icon as a Nobel peace laureate to a tinpot dictator committing war crimes and genocide. In just five minutes, the song starkly contrasts his lofty promises to the world with the brutal reality of his actions, depicting a journey from a celebrated leader to a destructive warmonger responsible for bloodshed on a biblical scale.

Video : embedded from EVN Ethiopia YouTube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from the video

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  1. The song is very reflective of the dark and evil characters of Abiy Ahmed and the crimes he is committing against Amhara people. The first person to be devoid of the knowledge of government and meaning of respect and responsibility. He put a very bad image on Ethiopia. The small village hoodlum simple minded characters fake hugging , kissing a.., and praising to hit advantage have been unusual of any statement let alone one in a PM position.


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