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TPLF, Ruling Party Third Round Meeting in Mekelle

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TPLF and Prosperity Party leaders during the third round of Mekelle talk (Photo : PD)


Toronto – The ruling prosperity party and the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) appear to be politically getting closer, even issues related to implementation of the Pretoria agreement – which ended the devastating war –  on the part of the latter does not seem to get in their way. 

This week, they held their third rounds of talks in Mekelle. Adem Farah, Deputy Chairperson of the Prosperity Party, on Thursday led a high level delegation to Mekelle for the talks. Much of the talks, according to party sources, seem to be about the Pretoria Agreement implementation.  

The ruling party announced that “they have reached consultation.”  It announced that two parties reviewed principles of relations about which agreement was reached in the previous “consultations.” 

It is also said that the parties identified agenda items and discussed them [in the order of importance]. 

Recent conflict in Raya – from where more than 36,000 residents were displaced as per OCHA report – was discussed. There were remarks from different political quarters that the TPLF’s military actions constituted blatant violations of the Pretoria agreement. However,  the ruling party seems to have taken the issue lightly. It said it was discussed during the “consultation” this week. “An agreement is reached that the incident should not have happened and that it is something that contradicts the effort to ensure lasting peace,” is all it said. 

According to the update from the ruling party, an agreement is reached with the TPLF to resolve any issues through peaceful dialogue and for the two parties to be determined for it. 

Tendencies of conflict causing situations are to be “prevented jointly and to act fast when they are created.” 

Creating conducive political situations for the implementation of the Pretoria Peace Agreement is another agenda item that was discussed, and the ruling party said an agreement was reached in that area too. 

The parties are meeting again to discuss what the ruling party described as “other items,” but the time is unannounced. 

Meanwhile, reports from Ethiopian Media Services (EMS) , on Friday, indicated that Raya Alamata  human rights situations are deteriorating after the TPLF forces controlled the areas by force. Health facilities are closed which has reportedly complicated maternity care. 


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  1. This is a good sign. Nothing is wrong with talking to each other and look at the problems together under one roof. Do not give on dialogue. Guns and those who like to wield guns are never known to bring peace, stability and democratic governance any where. Never did and never will!!! Let’s all monger peace! Insha’Allah!!!!

  2. Abiy an co got power without guns and bullets but turned out to be the most repressive and murderous outfits. Your logic is illogical. Go back the drawing board. All these Ethenic, inferiority complex mongering, want to stay in power at all costs including pushing the country off the cliff into the pits of destruction need to disappear by hook or crook.


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