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Abiy Ahmed Outside of Addis Ababa: Incited ethnic conflict in Nekemte and ran away to save his life in Bahir Dar

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By  Yared Zemaw

The dominance of the Abiy Ahmed administration is now restricted only to Addis Ababa, as he has lost meaningful control over the rest of the country. In recent years, he has been acting like the second mayor of the city. In Tigray, the TPLF holds power, in Amhara, it is the Fano, and in Oromia, there is chaos and confusion. The people in the rest of the country are uncertain about the state of their nation. He attempted to secure funds from the World Bank and IMF, but these institutions provide money to legitimate governments, not fake ones. As they lend money to governments capable of repaying their loans, they cannot trust an immature man who has come to power through deception. Now, his true image and core values have been exposed, and no one trusts him anymore. At the very least, he is exposed to everyone. To demonstrate his control over the country, he gathered his supporters from different regions in Addis Ababa. However, even this engagement proved that he had no control over the country. It did not materialize. Then, he dared to venture outside of Addis Ababa and gather people as if he controlled the entire country and had support from different regions. All of his actions are filled with schemes and cunning calculations. The more he tries to assert his control, the more he is exposed. Let us examine two of his recent trips. 

His trip to Nekemte: to trigger more ethnic conflict.

Before Abiy traveled to Nekemte on May 8, 2024, there was another huge gathering of evangelicals in the city. The event was called the Nekemte Crusade. The Christians were gathered in the stadium. That moment was shared on social media, and Abiy saw it. He craved such a reception in the stadium. The plan was launched, and according to OLF, Abiy gathered poor people and his cadres in that stadium, and he flew there with a heavily fortified military presence. Abiy knows that the people in Welega reject him. He knows that they have no respect for him. But he tries to send his message to the international community and to the people in the country that he has support across Welega and even the Oromia region. He spoke to the people in their language, trying to connect with them as if he belonged to them. Since Fano challenged his government and his days are numbered in office, he wanted the people to defend him and his government. OLF later notified the world that Abiy had tried to incite more ethnic conflict between the Oromo and Amhara people in his gross speech in Nekemte. His speech has been recorded and is being studied to be used in the future when he faces criminal court.  In any case, he has tried to prove wrong to all the people who tell him that he has no legitimate government. However, the fact remains a fact. He cannot drive to Welega. Just flying to Nekemtie, in fact only to the stadium, does not guarantee him support from all of Welega, nor does it prove that Welega is under his control. In fact, the opposite is true. 

His trip to Bahir Dar and Gorgora: to show off control.

Abiy’s leadership is threatened by the resistance of Fano in the Amhara region. He has done all he can to defuse the moment, but all his strategies and schemes have failed. He sent the army, used heavy artillery, deployed special forces, deployed drones and jets, and lastly, employed mercenaries who were paid three to four times more than the army to humiliate the people there. The challenge has reduced his credibility as a leader and even exposed him as a person without moral gauges and standards.

He is desperate. In a region controlled by Fano, accounting for 70% to 80%, Abiy wants to go to Bahir Dar city for the opening ceremony of a new bridge over the Abay (Nile) river. He wants to show the world, especially those who deem him weak and unfit for the office he holds, that he dares to go to Bahir Dar. He is attempting to claim the completion of the bridge started by the previous Amhara region leader, Gedu Andargachew. This will give him the perception of controlling the region. Additionally, he is traveling to Gorgora, on the other side of Lake Tana, for the opening of the lodge built by his “Gebeta le hager” Project. The fact is that these places are surrounded by Fano forces, it became more difficult for him to come to the region.  

Desperation assists him as he prepares for a brief stay trip, deploying all he has in his hands: the military, intelligence, several helicopters, drones, special forces, and finance. After a whole month of preparation, he managed to capture pictures and video clips for the propaganda he had longed to create. According to Fano’s spokesperson, Mr. Marshet, Abiy only managed to stay in Bahir Dar for 17 minutes with his guards and security forces. Otherwise, he and all his cadres had to flee from Bahir Dar due to rocket and bomb attacks targeting them by Fano. It was a terrifying day for him and his gang. Many other intelligence officers and his cadres who were trying to prepare for the event have fallen into the hands of Fano leaders. This is how Abiy Ahmed gambled in Bahir Dar, just to claim to some Western donors and NGOs that he was in Bahir Dar and he was still in control of the region. If they are fools, he might succeed in manipulating and deceiving them. However, as stated above, he is an exposed joke. No one trusts him any longer, only his paid cadres who obey him for the sake of filling their stomachs.

For international order 

Abiy Ahmed has lost his credibility to lead Ethiopia, and the people in the country have lost hope in him. He knows it deep down, but he has no way out of this trouble. He is officially engaged in conflict, inflicting mass destruction on ethnic groups. Is he destined for such ethnic destruction and a population reduction program? Can the international community overlook Abiy Ahmed Ali’s program of inflicting ethnic conflict at a level the world has never seen? These and other questions are on the minds of many youths in Ethiopia and beyond. All of this accumulates, and one day it can backfire too. It is important to call a spade a spade. The more the international order stays complicit in this man’s mess, the worse the consequences could be. The truth hurts. He might be a project coordinator, but he cannot lead a country. He is unfit to govern a country of 125 million. Stop gambling with such a kind of person, please! All Ethiopians deserve better.

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