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Latest security incident in Gambella left at least nine people dead

 Gambella region government Security forces are among the victims. 17 others injured 

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Gambella Regional Government Communication Office


Toronto – At least nine people, including government security forces, are reportedly killed in the latest string of security incidents in the Gambella region of Ethiopia. 

The region’s police commission has confirmed the death of nine people following renewed violence in Itang district, which is about 46 kilometers from the regional capital,  but residents from the area put the number of victims to ten, according to a report by DW Amharic. Nuer and Anuak ethnic groups are the dominant groups in the region’s population. 

Gunmen opened fire last Sunday in the district and clashed with security forces. 

The source cited Umod Umud, Gambella  Region Police Commissioner, to report that six of the victims are civilians and three of them are security forces.  He described the security problem as something created by “illegally armed individuals in the area.” The armed individuals reportedly opened fire to resist action on the part of the government to disarm them. They opened fire on security forces, it was said. 

Transport service was suspended for two days but at this writing, normalcy is reportedly restored. 

Residents told DW Amharic that 17 others were injured. They also highlighted that there has been recurring violence in Makot and Lari kebeles of the Itang district. 

The Ethiopian Human Rights Commission (EHRC) has reportedly received information about the incident and is gathering information to investigate it. 

There has been a recurring security problem in the region for several months now. Despite the regional administration’s claim that the security situation is improving, the region continues to face security challenges that affected civilians. Last month, at least three civilians were killed in Anuak Zone and there was a security tension for most part of the month. 


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