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Earthquake hits South Ethiopia for a second time in a week

Turmi _ South West Ethiopia Earthquake
Turmi ,South West Ethiopia (Photo : PD)


Toronto –  Addis Ababa University Geophysics, Space Science and Astronomy faculty announced a 4.8 Richter scale magnitude earthquake hit the South Omo zone of South Western Ethiopia. 

BBC Amharic reported cited Professor Atalay Ayele, a seismologist, as saying that the earthquake happened on Sunday around 12:36 a.m. local time.  Bebena Tsemay district ” Woyto Dildiye Police Station” is the specific locality where the incident was experienced. 

Ayta Uno, town administrator for Woito area Bena Tsemay district has confirmed to BBC Amharic that the incident happened twice. He described it as “shocking.’ 

“Many of us did not believe that we would survive it,” he added. 

Four districts and two town administrations were affected by it. 

This is the second earthquake in the region in less than a week. BBC Amharic on Monday reported that the Dawaro Zone of South West Ethiopia was hit by an earthquake last week. It was measured to be 3 on the Richter scale. 


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  1. A 4.8 earthquake May sound small but in a country like those in the Horn of Africa can do damage to homes and even human lives since there has never been preparation for it. If an earthquake of such magnitude hits metropolitan areas like the capital and other heavily populated towns, it can be destructive and deadly. It looks like the rulers of the countries in that region except Djibouti are oblivious to the possibilities of deadly earthquakes. They think it will never happen in their country. In stead they squabbling with each other cats and dogs. They are worried more about staying in power. May The Good Lord Save Those Noble People.


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