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Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed Reportedly Led Party Executives’ Meeting in Gorgora, Not Seen In Bahir Dar 

Ethiopian PM Abiy  _ Gorgora _ Ethiopian News
Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed ,middle, leading his party’s executive meeting in Gorgora (Photo : PD)


Toronto – Days after making what is said to be a malicious political speech, in Nekemte, with a potential to perpetuate ethnic violence against Amhara, Abiy Ahmed was reportedly in Gorgora – Amhara region – for a meeting with the executives of the party.

The party announced on its social media page that it “undertook a nine months evaluation meeting.” 

Abiy Ahmed himself wrote on his social media page “Members of Prosperity Party’s executive have conducted a nine-month performance review in Gorgora.”  

There was no further information as to what was discussed during the meeting and the party did not release a detailed account of it. 

However, Abiy Ahmed was not seen in public in Bahir Dar.  The arrival of the ruling party senior executives at Bahir Dar International Airport was covered by the region’s state owned media but Abiy Ahmed was not seen in the video footage.  There are speculations that the Prime Minister flew to Gorgora in a military helicopter. Last year, there were rumors that there was an assassination attempt against the Defense Chief of Staff, FM Berhanu Jula,  in Gorgora. 

On Friday this week, Fano warned that it would launch an attack if Abiy Ahmed is coming to the city.  On the same day, four grenades were reportedly exploded in different locations in the city.  

The Amhara region was initially a staunch supporter of Abiy Ahmed as it was hoped that the latter would end attacks targeting ethnic Amhara. What was observed is – and this can be seen from the reports of human rights groups in the country or abroad – was rather an escalation in the attack against ethnic Amhara- mostly in the Oromia region. The situation fueled an armed resistance to reverse what Fano forces call “existential threat against Amhara.” Abiy Ahmed’s administration launched a full fledged war in the Amhara region with a stated objective of disarming the Fano forces within a few weeks – something that never happened. The region has been under a state of emergency since war started in August 2023. 


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